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Thor #388: Review

Feb 1988
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz

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Alone Against the Celestials

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4.5 stars

Thor #388 Review by (November 10, 2020)
Review: Thor boldly goes where no one has gone before: inside the head of a Celestial! The apocalyptic space opera continues with Thor battling a foe much too powerful for him and his struggles are epic. I’m really enjoying this story arc.

Comments: Part two of three parts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #388 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor stands in astonishment at the arrival of Exitar the Exterminator who comes to carry out the judgment of Arishem of the Celestials against Pangoria. The planet’s ruler, Pegas the Pirate King, and his cronies seek to escape via spaceship, leaving the planet’s masses to their destruction. But Arishem sends a signal to Exitar to begin the process of purification and the latter encases Pangoria in an energy shell that prevents any of the spacecraft from leaving. Thor flies to the top of Exitar’s head and swings Mjolnir in a mighty blow that manages to crack Exitar’s armored helmet. Thor enters to find himself in a world he had never imagined, a place of strange lights and colors where he is attacked by a flock of winged creatures. He calls up a storm to blow them all away and he travels to the brain through the maddening memories of every strange world the Celestial has visited….

Outside, Pegas orders his fleet to attack Exitar, knowing that this is futile but using it as a distraction so his ship may penetrate the shell surrounding Pangoria….

Growing closer to Exitar’s brain, Thor is attacked by antibodies which engulf him but he is able to shake them off with a bolt of lightning, though his battle armor is damaged beyond repair. Then he reaches a gigantic glowing blue dome, where he is attacked by a giant humanoid robot that he manages to destroy. Thor wraps his Belt of Power around Mjolnir then uses them to focus his life energy as it shoots toward the blue dome. The dome is cracked, sending a shock through the Celestial but Mjolnir is destroyed. As he mourns his ruined relic, he is approached by an army of humanoids; with seconds to prepare, he takes the fight to them….

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Ron Frenz
Brett Breeding
Christie Scheele
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Brett Breeding (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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