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Thor #447: Review

May 1992
Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz

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Strange Alliances

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4 stars

Thor #447 Review by (April 13, 2022)

Review: Yeah, yeah, two good guys meet for the first time and, through a misunderstanding, they fight it out. We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again. So Eric Thor butts heads with Spidey and even he knows it’s a comic book cliché. The neatest touch sees Absorbing Man pick up a piece of jewelry and unconsciously turning into gold. And the main story leads into the Tales of Asgard back-up story and they work together to set up the main story for the next several issues. Which looks like it is going to be complicated with another War among the Realms and the usual suspects running amok. Tune in next time to see more dumb decisions by the rookie Thor and more….

Comments: First story: Part one of two parts. Ron Frenz and Tom DeFalco collaborated on the plot. Thor’s previous encounter with Absorbing Man and Titania was in issue #436. The Golden Bull is a fictitious sculpture found at the real Guggenheim Museum in New York; it first appeared in THOR #146-147 then in DAREDEVIL #129; this is its third appearance. Second story: Uroc the Invincible was introduced in issues #408-409 and returned in #440. First appearance of Glump and Kai-Ra, who return in issue #450. Sif and Balder’s story resumes from issue #442, making this part one of four parts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #447 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Police catch Titania in the act of robbing an armored car; no problem, she merely hurls the vehicle at the cops and takes off with the jewels. Meanwhile, at home her beloved Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man, discovers she is out pulling off robberies and is disappointed because they were trying to go straight. He decides on a plan to scare her straight and he knows the perfect patsy….

Eric Masterson is staying at Avengers Mansion, having been evicted from his ruined apartment in issue #443. Jarvis knocks at his door and he swiftly (and clumsily) changes into Thor to hide his secret identity. Jarvis enters to tell him he has a phone call….

Spider-Man comes upon the site of the armored car robbery being investigated by the cops of Code: Blue. He offers to help but Lt. Marcus Stone rudely tells him he isn’t needed….

As arranged by phone, Thor shows up to meet Crusher Creel at a diner. Creel explains his plan to scare Titania into giving up her criminal ways and he plans to be at the Guggenheim Museum to steal the Golden Bull, telling Thor to be there at 8:30. Creel then leaves, sticking Thor with the check. Having no cash, Thor must leave behind his cape as a deposit….

Thor heads back to the Mansion where he interrupts Captain America at the Training Complex, unwisely walking in and being battered by stun drones. When he recovers he starts to tell Cap about the arrangement with Creel and Titania but at the last minute he becomes embarrassed and leaves….

In Asgard, Hogun and Volstagg search for the enemy laying waste the land. They are suddenly confronted by Uroc the Invincible and two Rime Giants. In the Golden Palace, Heimdall wishes he could seek Odin’s wisdom but the All-Father is still in his Odin-Sleep….

That night, Spider-Man’s Spider Sense goes off and he heads toward the Guggenheim. He arrives in time to hear the Absorbing Man and Thor talking about a robbery. A short time later, Creel and Titania bust into the museum and she clobbers the guards. Thor sees this and challenges them but also lets slip that he had a deal with Crusher Creel, making Titania suspicious. Spidey bursts in at this moment so Creel tosses the Golden Bull to Thor, calling him “partner.” Creel and Titania escape, leaving Thor to deal with the suspicious Spider-Man….

“If This Be War!”
Writer: Tom DeFalco. Art: Patrick Olliffe. Colors: Mike Rockwitz. Letters: Steve Dutro.
Synopsis: Volstagg and Hogun battle Uroc the Invincible and the Rime Giants Glump and Kai-Ra who claim to be fighting for freedom against the tyranny of Asgard. The two mighty warriors are defeated in the skirmish….

Heimdall summons Karnilla the Norn Queen to the Palace to propose an alliance against the enemy. After some consideration, she agrees. Heimdall then asks about Balder and Sif

,,,who, in their search for the missing Thor Odinson, have been teleported by the Norn Stones onto a spaceship where they are attacked by three of the New Immortals, Nobilus, Zon, and Juvan….

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Ron Frenz
Al Milgrom
Mike Rockwitz
Ron Frenz (Cover Penciler)
Al Milgrom (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Rick Parker.


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Absorbing Man
Absorbing Man

(Crusher Creel)

(Balder the Brave)
Black Knight
Black Knight

(Dane Whitman)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Hogun the Grim)

(Edwin Jarvis)

(Norn Queen)

(Peter Parker)

(Eric Masterson)

Plus: Code: Blue (Code Blue), Juvan, Marcus Stone, New Immortals, Nobilus, Titania, Uroc, Zon.

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