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Tomb of Dracula #54: Review

Mar 1977
Marv Wolfman, Gene Colan

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’Twas the Night Before Christmas

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4 stars

Tomb of Dracula #54 Review by (October 12, 2021)

Review: An ambiguously happy occasion: the birth of Dracula’s and Domini’s baby. We’ve had multiple hints that this is not going to go Drac’s way, that Domini has secrets her hubby knows nothing of. But while we’re waiting to see that, we have some good guys versus Dracula action until the blessed event (and “blessed” is used here advisedly) which leaves even the miserable old Dracula happy, at least for now. But he’s the bad guy and things can’t go his way forever.

Comments: First appearance of Dracula’s son Janus (naturally), named next issue. Story follows the ancient tradition that Christ was born at midnight, immortalized in the carol “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” First appearance of a real crucifix in the series as Gene Colan has always drawn a cross and called it a crucifix. Dracula’s battle with the Silver Surfer was in issue #50. Safron Caulder is seen briefly in the background of a panel and has no dialogue.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Tomb of Dracula #54 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

On Christmas Eve, Dracula awaits the birth of his son; his bride Domini has one request: that the baby be born in the church. Dracula demurs, fearing the portrait of Jesus Christ hanging there but he gives in to Domini and orders Anton Lupeski to have her transported there….

The vampire hunters (Blade, Rachel van Helsing, Frank Drake, Harold H. Harold), meeting in Quincy Harker’s hospital room, talk over recent events. Harold mentions hearing that Dracula is married and having a kid and it’s all happening tonight. The others scoff but Quincy tells them they must kill Dracula tonight….

Rachel goes out and captures Anton Lupeski, wanting to be taken to Dracula. Lupeski reveals that he also wants Dracula dead as a threat to his leadership of the Satanists. Rachel doesn’t trust him but Lupeski is very cooperative. She calls the others and they plan to meet at Dracula’s church….

Rachel has gone on ahead to the church and she confronts Dracula with her crossbow and fires; Dracula swats the bolt out of the way and she pulls a crucifix. The Count turns to mist and departs, only to come up behind her and knock her out. For safety reasons, Dracula takes Domini to the barn behind the church while ordering Lupeski to tie up Rachel. Rachel, who was feigning unconsciousness, is able to remove a special arrow from the quiver and fire it out of the window while bound. It’s a flare that brightens up the sky, signaling Frank and the others where she is. Frank, Blade, and Harold, with Quincy’s dog Saint, untie Rachel and go to fight Dracula. There is a small battle but when the baby is born, an oddly golden-skinned baby with red eyes, the fighting ceases. Dracula gives leave for his enemies to depart for tonight is a night of peace. Unable to help themselves, the vampire hunters leave….

Gene Colan
Tom Palmer
Michelle Wolfman
Gene Colan (Cover Penciler)
Tom Palmer (Cover Inker)
Tom Palmer (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: John Costanza.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.


(Eric Brooks)

Plus: Domini, Janus Tepes (Son of Dracula).

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