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Uncanny Avengers #1: Review

Oct 2015
Gerry Duggan, Ryan Stegman

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An imperfect union

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3.5 stars

Uncanny Avengers #1 Review by (October 28, 2015)
Ryan Stegman's strange art gives the characters angular lumpy muscles and joints that make them look arthritic - or like Larry Niven's Protectors. The intro page is followed by a black page saying 8 months later, as did Avengers #35 and New Avengers #24. In those 2 cases that indicated that they'd skipped 8 months to the end of the multiverse. I would read it that this is the same 8 months, and the many changes referenced in this issue happened before Secret Wars. But then we don't yet know how this new Marvel Universe gets born from Secret Wars anyway. Many things mentioned in this issue relate to other post-SW titles. Scarlet Witch *has* left the team and gotten her own comic. There were 3 other members of the previous team not mentioned here. Vision too has his own new mag. Sam Wilson continues to be Captain America in that title, and will be in the All-New, All-Different Avengers. I don't know where Sabretooth will wind up. Jericho Drumm is called Dr Voodoo rather than his old Brother Voodoo. I never noticed this in the previous series. He obviously retained the title after taking over from Dr Strange as Sorcerer Supreme in NAv(2010)#53. Synapse is a totally new character, as well as being a NuInhuman created by the Terrigen Mist. Spider-Man obviously joined the team in the intervening 8 months, but which Spidey is it? The new Amazing SM #1 has Peter Parker running an expanded Parker Industries, and officially having Spider-Man as a bodyguard (an idea copied directly from very old Iron Man stories, but it's not plagiarism if you steal from yourself, ie Marvel). And PP hires Hobie Brown (ex-Prowler) to play Spidey sometimes when they have to appear together. comicbookdb suggests it's Hobie here, but his conversations with Johnny Storm tell me it's Peter. But in that case Steve Rogers doesn't seem to know that Parker and Spidey are the same person (despite the Avengers being told his identity after Brand New Day). More post-SW questions.

Uncanny Avengers #1 Review by (October 28, 2015)
It is mentioned that Quicksilver no longer thinks Magneto is his father - so the 2nd series of this title is still canonical. Thing has joined the Guardians of the Galaxy in their new series. Reed and Sue Richards are supposedly not in any upcoming comics. There's no sign of a new Fantastic Four mag - maybe in retaliation for Fox not relinquishing the movie rights. Meanwhile Human Torch has been busy. In the Uncanny Inhumans title we learn that he's the official liaison between New York and Attilan, and he's having an affair with Medusa. His relationship with Rogue must have happened in the missing 8 months. Black Bolt unleashed the Terrigen Mist on the world at the end of the Infinity event, turning many unsuspecting humans into Inhumans. But in Extraordinary X-Men we'll learn that the Mist has rendered all(?) mutants sterile. And it seems to have affected some in more ways, like Rogue here and Beast in Uncanny Inhumans. But there's also talk of there being only a few mutants left. We'll have to wait to see what's happened to them. Deadpool appeared in Avengers #0 doing missions for Steve Rogers. His latest 1 was stealing some medicine (presumably from bad guys) to save Rogue's life from the Terrigen Mist. Then Steve made him an Avenger. We'll have to wait for his new series to find out why he's now a good guy and the idol of millions. The Shredded Man is a new baddie, but Super-Adaptoid has been around almost forever - AIM created it in Tales of Suspense #82. It bopped around the MU quite regularly but then disappeared for 9 years between Hulk #469 and Annihilation: Conquest - Quasar. It had gone to space and joined the Phalanx. Somehow it wound up back on Earth for the Daredevil: Road Warrior Infinite comic. And now it's here as a throwaway villain.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Uncanny Avengers #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
A man who is concerned about the environment was dying of cancer when the Terrigen Mist hit. He was reborn in a cocoon as an Inhuman with the ability to revive plants (and maybe more). Next door another cocoon opened too. After that he roamed the world protesting green issues.

8 months later we meet the new Unity Squad:- Steve Rogers leading Dr Voodoo and Rogue from the previous incarnation plus Deadpool, Human Torch, Spider-Man and a new Inhuman Synapse. (We'll see later that Quicksilver is still also on the team, but Scarlet Witch has left).

At the moment they're fighting the Super-Adaptoid in Washington DC. Rogue warns them not to touch the android or it will copy their powers. Synapse can't detect a brain to affect. Johnny Storm hits it with flame, which is enough for it to gain flame powers, but Rogue brings it down. Dr Voodoo's staff kills its organic components, but doesn't kill the android completely.

DrV says the Adaptoid's skin is a sensor, so Synapse takes over a flock of pigeons and covers it in bird-shit. Deadpool exposes the decaying skin of his own arm and touches the android, killing it with cancer. Dr Voodoo and Spider-Man berate him for risking giving the Adaptoid his regenerative ability.

Spider-Man goes further. He can't stand being on the same team as Deadpool.  Either DP goes or he does. Amazingly Steve Rogers accepts his resignation, allowing SM to return to his job as bodyguard at Parker Industries. Torch can't help rubbing salt in the wound of his old sparring-partner (assuming it is Peter Parker in the suit).

Rogue questions Steve's decision, and she seems angry about the Inhuman as well. But Rogers restates his confidence in Deadpool and Synapse.

Steve Rogers holds a press conference to introduce the new team (without Torch as well as Spidey), emphasising that they now include 1 of the NuInhumans. In response to a question about most mutants leaving Earth(?) Rogue says it's to avoid the Terrigen Mist. Rogers tries to paper over the cracks in his team.

Spider-Man hasn't left yet and he's chatting with Johnny Storm. We learn that HT has no Fantastic Four to belong to. Thing is in space, and Invisible Woman and Mr Fantastic are gone(?).

Later in New York Rogue apologises to Steve for her outburst. But she still doesn't trust Synapse or Deadpool. Steve reminds her that it is the income from Deadpool merchandise that is funding the team. He doesn't want corporate ties (ie Tony Stark). And the government won't fund them because they know they'll do the job anyway.

We see that their base is in a disused theatre (with a Deadpool shop out front). There's a secret entrance to a below ground area.

We further discover that Rogue is sick (her skin looks like she's caught Deadpool-disease). A diagnostic machine informs her that her Terrigen level is high, and she takes some anti-Terrigen solution.

Dr Voodoo chats with the ghost of the Schaeffer Theatre's owner. The downstairs used to be a mob-run speakeasy. Many people were killed there, including said owner.

Steve joins Jericho Drumm and they discuss absent members. As well as Spidey quitting, Scarlet Witch left. But her brother Quicksilver is just taking the day off.

He's speed-dating around the world, ending up with Synapse in New York. (Except this last 1 isn't a date - it's against Rogers' rules.) Suddenly Synapse collapses, and Pietro rushes her to hospital. But Emily mumbles that the team must go to Boston.

Quicksilver runs there while the rest of the team (including Synapse) travel by helicopter. But Steve stays in the War Room in their HQ. They find the city overrun by vegetation, giant insects and mutated beasts.

Rogue and Torch fly down to attack. En route Rogue broaches the touchy subject of his relationship with Medusa of the Inhumans. The chat is interruprted when Anne-Marie is attacked by a giant bee, until Johnny burns it off. We then get a hint that they were an item earlier.

Quickie is defending people from some wierd animals until Torch drives them off. Pietro explans to Torch and Rogue that the animals are being born from plants (which are probably spread by the large spores floating about). Deadpool, Synapse and Voodoo join them. Again Synapse can't contact the creatures' minds. And DrV senses they are strange also.

In another part of the city a policeman is attacked by giant wasps under the control of a hooded mishapen figure who calls himself the Shredded Man.

Ryan Stegman
Ryan Stegman
Richard Isanove
Ryan Stegman (Cover Penciler)
Ryan Stegman (Cover Inker)
Richard Isanove (Cover Colorist)


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