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Uncanny X-Men #66: Review

Mar 1970
Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema

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The Mutants and the Monster

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3 stars

Uncanny X-Men #66 Review by (February 26, 2010)
Hulk’s only appearance in the main X-Men title (as of 6/30/2009). After this issue, the title becomes a reprint series; new material resumes with issue #94.


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Uncanny X-Men #66 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Professor X lies in a coma after his psychic defeat of the alien Z’nox, leaving the X-Men to worry over his fate (though not so worried that Iceman and Havok won't quarrel over the affections of Polaris). Beast suggests they use Henry Pym’s Mind-Probe to study the extent of the Professor’s brain damage. During its brief use, the Professor manages to get a mental message to them: find the Hulk.

Puzzled by this request, since, so far as they know Professor X has never met the Hulk or Bruce Banner, they comply. Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel take the jet to Las Vegas, where, according to a news report, the Hulk is on a rampage. Sure enough, Ol’ Greenskin is terrorizing the streets of Sin City so the Angel swoops down upon him, only to be swatted out of the air by a thunderclap. The Beast leaps at Hulk and bounces off, making him an easy target for a backhand blow. Cyclops tries (too late) to reason with Hulk then tries an optic blast, to no effect. Marvel Girl uses her mental power to put Hulk to sleep and, success! He reverts to his Bruce Banner form.

As the X-Men try to question Bruce, Glenn Talbot and the army arrive to capture Bruce. At the mention of Charles Xavier, Banner recalls how he devised a gamma-ray treatment for mental exhaustion based on their mutual theories. Talbot orders his men to take Bruce prisoner, causing the hapless scientist to transform into the Hulk again. Jade Jaws punches out a tank and leaps off into the distance. In their jet the X-Men pursue Hulk into the desert where their giant quarry has sought high ground atop a mountain. Attacking the Hulk in concert, they manage to knock him off his perch and he plummets to the ground in a tumble of rocks. Jade Jaws leaps out of the rock pile, uncovering a secret lab in the mountain. An enraged Hulk creates an earthquake from which the X-Men barely escape, but in a flash Angel grabs the gamma device from the lab and joins them in their jet. Hulk is grateful for their departure, because maybe now he can find peace.

The X-Men return to Westchester, where they turn Banner’s device on Professor X and find it heals him of all his brain damage. He promises his relieved students that he will soon be well enough to lead them on their ongoing mission against evil.

Sal Buscema


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