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Valkyrie: Jane Foster #3: Review

Sep 2019
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The Sacred and the Profane Part III

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4.5 stars

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #3 Review by (March 24, 2020)
Review: And we boldly go etc. etc. Some guest artists show us a few places we’ve never seen before and Heimdall goes to his reward. And it turns out that, since knowledge is a weapon, Undrjarn is also the key to all knowledge, kind of like Wikipedia. And so the issue doesn’t go all mystical on us we meet a talking horse with a ‘umble demeanor who looks to be some comic relief to comes. Ha ha! 

Comments: To show the different realms, each one is drawn by a separate team of artists: Cafu, Ramon Perez, Cian Tormey with Roberto Poggi and Frazer Irving. And colors are by Jesus Aburtov and Frazer Irving. Jason Aaron and Al Ewing are co-writers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Valkyrie Jane Foster ferries the dead hero Heimdall, not to Valhalla, but on a journey to learn what lies beyond all. She uses the magic weapon Undrjarn to open a portal to the spaces between world. They enter Heven where they must fight off the Angels, enemies of Asgardians; another portal takes them to Hades but one that is oppressed by the Anti-Tree which has turned the realm—and its ruler Pluto—into a dead and decaying mess. Fighting off a band of silvery demons, they enter the Anti-Tree and reach a realm unseen by all eyes. Jane releases Heimdall, grateful and full of wonder, into his new home….
Suddenly Jane finds herself back in New York, floating far above the ground. The flying horse approaches and reveals that he can talk (in a Northern English accent) and gives his name as “Mister Horse” (actually “Mister ‘Orse”). Jane is now responsible for him and she rides him home, wondering where to keep him in her apartment….
Her flight is televised and the villain Grim Reaper, who had hired Bullseye to kill Val and now knows that the All-Seeing Heimdall is gone, is watching and vowing to take advantage of that fact….

Mahmud Asrar (Cover Penciler)
Mahmud Asrar (Cover Inker)
Dave McCaig (Cover Colorist)


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(Jane Foster)

Plus: Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Pluto (Hades).

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