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Wonder Man #13: Review

Sep 1992
Gerard Jones, Jeff Johnson

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Into Infinity

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2 stars

Wonder Man #13 Review by (March 15, 2010)
“An Infinity War Crossover:” events of the climax of INFINITY WAR #2 and all of #3 are seen from Wonder Man’s perspective. Hulk is seen only in the big superhero brawl at the beginning of the issue and with the expeditionary force on the last page; Cap likewise but he is also seen recruiting Black Cat for the job of guarding Spidey and Hawkeye in the hospital.


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Wonder Man #13 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

The brawl among the heroes at the Four Freedoms Plaza is out of control, with Wonder Man going into a berserk rage against mutants. "Calm" only comes when the gamma bomb explodes and the crisis unites the panicked heroes. Learning from Wolverine that Spider-Man and Hawkeye were blasted by the Iron Man doppelganger, Wonder Man enlists Thor and Hercules to search for them. Arriving at the site of the heroes’ defeat, they are confronted by a Wonder Man doppelganger. The two Wonder Men battle, with the real one strangely distracted and unable to summon the intensity to activate his full powers. Wondy is saved from defeat by the intervention of Thor, which causes the doppelganger to depart, with a promise of the heroes’ certain defeat. Wonder Man and company rush the fallen heroes to the hospital and return to the Plaza in time to join the expeditionary force.

Jeff Johnson
Dan Panosian
Joe Rosas
Jeff Johnson (Cover Penciler)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

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(James Howlett)

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