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A+X #13: Review

Oct 2013
Gerry Duggan, David Yardin

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4.5 stars

A+X #13 Review by (September 20, 2022)

Review: The Cap/Cyclops story is the beginning of a multipart tale that promises some excitement, with the revelation of mutant Skrulls on Earth up to no good but the two heroes fighting each other, rather than the enemy. We don’t really get more than the premise in part one but it’s a cool episode, the exposition giving way to action. And the story will feature quite a few twists and turns before the odd denouement. The Black Widow/White Queen (there’s the title) tale is a highly amusing one, with Howard Chaykin’s rough style somehow suiting the story. Though Emma Frost with blue lips is an odd sight.

Comments: First story: Part one of six. Skrull Cadre K was introduced during the MAXIMUM SECURITY event. Cyclops killed Professor X in AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #11.


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A+X #13 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain America and Cyclops are snatched from their everyday lives and immobilized aboard a Skrull spaceship. A Skull called K’thron explains that Cadre K, a team of mutant Skrulls trained by Charles Xavier, is now on Earth, plotting violence against Earth mutants out of revenge for the Skrull secret invasion. He also mentions that the members of Cadre K may not show up on Earth’s Skrull detectors. He then releases Cap and Cyke to deal with this crisis and is amazed that they start fighting violently, Cap calling Cyke a murderer, Cyke responding by calling Cap a hypocrite. He is even more astonished to learn that Cyclops has killed Charles Xavier. The fight damages the controls, sending the ship heading toward the ground; they manage to stop the ship with only feet to spare. Cap arrests Cyclops and claps inescapable liquid metal cuffs on him….

“Crash & Burn in Black & White” 5/5
Writer: Howard Chaykin. Art: Howard Chaykin. Colors: Edgar Delgado. Letters: Clayton Cowles.
Synopsis: Emma Frost, who has lost her mutant powers, meets with the Black Widow to ask a favor. A bad guy is blackmailing her over a sex tape and she wants Natasha to recover it. They go out on a trail which mostly involves Nat beating people up but the have no success. Then Nat gets a tip from Maria Hill which leads them to Frank, a fired SHIELD agent with access to the tech to copy the tape from the Hellfire Club server. They destroy the tape and Emma musters enough of her power to leave Frank with a posthypnotic command to vomit every time he sees a woman’s naked breasts. And yes, they test it before they leave. Twice.

Story #2

Black Widow + Emma Frost

Writer: Howard Chaykin. Penciler: Howard Chaykin. Inker: Howard Chaykin. Colorist: Edgar Delgado.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

By None

David Yardin
David Yardin
Andres Mossa
David Yardin (Cover Penciler)
David Yardin (Cover Inker)
Andres Mossa (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.


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Black Widow
Black Widow

(Natasha Romanoff)
Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Scott Summers)
White Queen
White Queen

(Emma Frost)

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