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All-New All-Different Avengers #1: Review

Nov 2015
Mark Waid, ?

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4 stars

All-New All-Different Avengers #1 Review by (November 21, 2015)
This issue's 2 stories have different art teams:- Adam Kubert on the 1st with colours by Sonia Oback; Mahmud Asrar on the 2nd with Dave McCaig. The opening page has Ms Marvel calling Nova a jerk. Then the 1st story says it begins 12 hours earlier. Then the 2nd story says 6 weeks ago. The opening page might be part of the 2nd story, but if so what is the 1st story 12 hours earlier than? Maybe it's referring to a 'now' later in the 1st arc of this title. And maybe the opening page is a scene from *that* time anyway. There's no Thor or Vision in this issue. Maybe like the start of the 1st New Avengers it'll take the 1st arc to create the team. Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers fell out in (a flashback in) Captain America: Sam Wilson #2 over a secret SHIELD operation and the hacker who leaked it. Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are also at odds in the current reality as revealed in Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 #1. But it remains to be seen whether their rift is still about the activities of the Illuminati as it was before Secret Wars ended the universe. It's all part of the overall question of how SWars will bring this reality into existence. Stark's company didn't get into trouble while he was away with the Guardians because Pepper Potts ran it successfully. But maybe not in the new reality. The Chitauri are a warlike alien race from the Ultimate Universe. They were used in the Marvel filmverse in the 1st Avengers movie. Then the Earth-616 version appeared in the pre-SWars Nova (2013) #29-31. And now they've bridged the gap to the post-SWars universe. And like many elements of that universe there seems to be direct continuity from the old 1. I don't know whether Warbringer is the Chitauri warrior's name or his title. Marvel's Wiki database confirms the new owner of Avengers Tower is the CEO of Qeng Enterprises (as mentioned in Avengers #0). A Qeng Dynasty was mentioned by the slightly-future female Thor in the 1st of the Ultron Forever trilogy.

The 2nd story gets in a plug for the series starring the new female Wolverine (ex-X-23). But it doesn't mention that a version of the original male Wolverine will still be around in Old Man Logan.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

All-New All-Different Avengers #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Story 1: All-new all-different Avengers assemble

There's a multiple car-crash on the Queensboro Bridge (which for once doesn't seem to be caused by a supervillain), and a hatchback containing a family and their dog goes over the side. Captain America (I think I'll stop adding Sam Wilson after this issue) sends his shield spinning through the car from back to front (sounds unnecessarily dangerous), and follows it to pluck the occupants from disaster. He deposits them on the bridge as his falcon Redwing catches the shield.

The crowd record the scene as he's confronted with a horde of Girl Cadets (I guess Marvel aren't allowed to say Girl Scouts) selling cookies, and with the dilemma of which girl to give his last 5 dollar bill to. The girls are from a variety of races, and he's sure whichever he chooses will be interpreted in a racially-biased way by the media.

Suddenly he spies Tony Stark in the crowd and signals for help. Tony joins him for a photo-op. The crowd aren't too impressed until they leave in Stark's flying car. (Which raises the question why did he say he was stuck in the traffic.)

The 2 exchange sob stories. Sam's problems taking over as Cap from Steve Rogers, and their disagreement in his own series. Tony's company has money troubles after he spent 6 months in space (with the Guardians of the Galaxy). Now he's had to sell Avengers Tower. There's no Avengers team that needs it. (Sunspot's New Avengers have their own island. And Steve doesn't want Stark's money for his Unity Squad.)

The new owner of the Tower is supervising the removal of all Stark's stuff. Everything has been switched off, but 1 box starts glowing with energy from elsewhere. It explodes and in its place stands a Chitauri Warbringer, who has been teleported here by recreating him from local atoms.

The Chitauri is disturbed to find the unnamed owner talking to him in his own language. And stopping him from leaving. The man (who is not actually human) offers to help Warbringer get revenge against Nova for his defeat in No(2013)#29-31. He says that there's a Chitauri artefact left on Earth millennia ago that can destroy the planet. But currently it's broken into 3 scattered pieces.

As chance would have it they are overheard by Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales). A blast from the fake-human's hand knocks him through a wall. As he falls Miles tries to uses his web-spinner to save a civilian from falling debris. But he misses. Luckily Cap is on hand to whisk the man away. And Stark leans out of his car to grab Spidey's ankle in mid-air.

Miles explains about the big alien in the Tower. Tony leaves him to investigate. As he aims the car at the building it Transforms into a large Iron Man armour.

The mystery man fades away leaving the Chitauri to face the Golden Avenger, and Cap and Spidey. But 1 explosion of energy from his body knocks all 3 down.

Story 2: You're a jerk

Kamala Khan (the latest Ms Marvel) listens as her friends Bruno and Nakia argue over who should be in the Avengers (if the team re-assembles). Bruno supports Hulk and Nakia Cap (Sam). When Nakia asks her Kamala's immediate response is Captain Marvel. Bruno, who knows Kamala's secret id and her hero worship of Carol Danvers, makes a joke about it. Whatever the choice Nakia doesn't want Wolverine, but the other 2 are all in favour of the new female version.

Their discussion is interrupted by a monster rampaging through town, chased by the new young Nova (Sam Alexander). Kamala runs off to change into her super-duds, thinking maybe Nova should be in the Avengers dream team. Nova rescues some bystanders and is about to blast the critter when giant-size Ms Marvel wrestles it to the ground.

Sam is smitten and shows off by KO'ing the beast with a rocket-powered punch. But Ms Marvel is angry that he's hit an 'innocent' creature and smashed the local dry cleaners to boot. They drag it to a vacant lot in case it wakes up.

Nova explains that an alien in Arizona expanded 3 monsters from the Microverse. He's shrunk 2 of them back and now this is the last 1. Ms Marvel shrinks to human size as Sam sends the creature home.

But the 2 teen heroes have got off on the wrong foot, and now whatever either of them says just seems to make matters worse. MsM runs off, but Nova follows her. Unfortunately it's into an alley where she's about to change back into her civvies. She was only going to put her clothes back on over her costume and take her mask off. But she's worried that he might recognise her from when he zoomed past earlier.

Trying desperately to win her over Nova takes off his mask and says his name's Sam. But this has the opposite effect to what he wanted. Kamala thinks he expects her to reciprocate, and she doesn't want her identity known. Sam takes her awkward response as rejection and flies off. As a parting jibe he says that Sam isn't his real name anyway.

Both of the embarrassed teens hope to never see each other again.

(The opening page of the whole issue is actually a scene with Ms Marvel calling Nova a jerk while they stand in a ruined building. Maybe it was in the dry cleaners. Or maybe not. See my Comments.)

Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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