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Avengers #10: Review

Nov 1964
Stan Lee, Don Heck

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The Avengers Break Up!

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3 stars

Avengers #10 Review by (February 15, 2010)
1st appearance of Immortus

Avengers #10 Review by (December 29, 2011)
The Avengers consider making Rick Jones an official Avenger this issue, but Captain America is wary of leading another powerless teenager (after Bucky) into danger. Rick falls into Immortus' trap because he is seeking a power to make him worthy to be an Avenger. Immortus is introduced here as the master of Limbo. He will turn up many times, with his own agenda that makes him sometimes appear to be a bad guy, sometimes a good one. In Giant-Size #3 we will learn that he is a future version of Kang. Avengers Forever will attempt to sort out the complicated history of this combined character, and will end up separating them into 2 distinct beings. The Hercules seen here is very different from the one who will debut in Journey into Mystery Annual #1. This version of Merlin may also not match any of the Merlins seen elsewhere. The latest Avengers Index follows the theory espoused in Avengers Forever that the characters conjured up by Immortus here are actually played by his servants the Space Phantoms. We met our 1st Space Phantom in #2. We will see a whole planet-full in Thor #281-282. However a Space Phantom impersonates someone by banishing them to Limbo. #2 established that a Space Phantom couldn't do that to a god like Thor. Thus they shouldn't be able to impersonate Hercules (or possibly even Merlin). Earlier versions of the Index suggest that the characters here are played by Dire Wraiths, banished to Limbo by Rom and the SpaceKnights. I think this is the 1st issue where Zemo, Enchantress and Executioner are referred to as the Masters of Evil. Previously the name was only used for Zemo's band of villains in #6. the current trio didn't use the name in #7 and #9. The trio won't be seen again until the combination of both groups as the Masters of Evil in #15-16.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #10 Synopsis by Kevin Hollander
Baron Zemo, Executioner, and the Enchantress are contacted by the enigmatic Immortus of Limbo. He offers to help the Masters of Evil defeat the Avengers; Zemo accepts his offer.

Immortus captures Rick Jones and transports him to the Tower of London in the year 1760. Captain America notices Rick's absence and contacts the Teen Brigade. They inform him about an advertisement that he saw earlier and wanted to check into. Cap finds the ad and arrives at the listed address to find Immortus waiting on him. He convinces Cap that he is working with the Avengers; they have kidnapped Rick Jones in an effort to control him. He orders Cap to bring the Avengers to him or else Rick will remain his captive. Cap returns to Avengers' Mansion and attacks his teammates. They eventually calm him down and after questioning him, agree to work with him to save Rick.

Returning to the address, the Avengers meet Immortus. He quickly explains how he will defeat them. He summons historical figures to fight the Avengers individually. Giant-Man is fights the Biblical Goliath. Iron Man faces off against Merlin the Magician. Thor must face Hercules (alternate version). When the Avengers win all three battles, Immortus abandons this plan and takes Captain America to 18th century England. Immortus pits Cap against the guards in the Tower of London, taunting him with the knowledge that Rick Jones lies just beyond this army.

Unable to do anything for Cap, the Avengers return to the mansion and wait. The Masters of Evil seize the moment and attack the Avengers. When the tide turns in favor of the Masters of Evil, Cap and Rick appear. He quickly explains that after he defeated the English guards, he forced Immortus to return them to their proper time.

With Cap's assistance, the momentum shifts to the Avengers. When they are about to be captured, the Enchantress casts a spell that reverses time, returning them to a point prior their meeting of Immortus. Only the Masters of Evil retain the knowledge of events from the last few days.

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Don Heck
Dick Ayers
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Plus: Immortus, Masters of Evil.

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