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Avengers #25: Review

Feb 1966
?, Don Heck

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Enter...Dr. Doom

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4 stars

Avengers #25 Review by (May 29, 2011)
Doom remembers meeting Rama Tut in Fantastic Four Annual #2, where Rama Tut had claimed to be Doom's descendant. I'm not sure how Doom knows that Kang is his descendant. Unless he employed the world-wide scannerscope he uses here to see Kang telling the Avengers he was Rama-Tut in #8. This issue also mentions that during their meeting Doom and Tut speculated that they might be the same man at different stages of their life. A speculation that has been discarded in later comics.

After fighting old Avengers foes (Mole Man, Enchantress and Kang), and creating new foes of their own (Swordsman and Power Man [let's forget about the Commissar]), Cap's kooky quartet are suddenly faced with foe from out of left-field in the form of Dr Doom. Except much later Avengers #1½ will make Doom an old Avengers enemy too. And he'll interact with them many times later, even sharing the billing in Marvel Graphic Novel #27.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #25 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Dr Doom watches from his pocket kingdom of Latveria as the Avengers return from their adventure against Kang in the future. He reflects on his rivalry with Mr Fantastic, the only genius his equal. Except for Kang, whose future science makes him superior. He decides to use the Avengers as bait to lure the Fantastic Four to Latveria.

The Avengers usual bickering gains a new dimension this issue. For a while Scarlet Witch has been harbouring a growing attraction to Captain America. Hawkeye's desire to replace Cap as leader now includes a wish to impress Wanda.

Doom sends the Witch and Quicksilver a letter purporting to be from an aunt the orphans never knew they had. She wants them to visit her in Latveria. Cap and Hawkeye accompany them out of friendship. It is only when they have been arrested that it occurs to them they are in the country ruled by Dr Doom.

They escape from jail, as Doom expected. He encloses his kingdom in an impenetrable dome to keep them in until the FF arrive. The Avengers invade his castle and attack Doom without result until Hawkeye slightly damages his armour, probably with an acid arrow. Then the Avengers retreat to a cave to think of a plan.

The FF want to go to Latveria to help the Avengers. But the US government won't let them cause a diplomatic incident.

A crippled Latverian boy needs to go to a neighbouring country for surgery, but Doom won't open the dome. The Avengers invade Doom's castle again. 3 of them distract him while Quicksilver finds the lever that controls the dome. The Avengers open the dome and escape across a border. Doom now has no reason to stop the little boy from getting help.

Don Heck
Dick Ayers
(Unknown artist)
Stan Lee (Cover Penciler)
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Dick Ayers (Cover Inker)


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