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Avengers #13: Review

May 2011
Brian Michael Bendis, Chris Bachalo

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4 stars

Avengers #13 Review by (December 30, 2012)
This is the 1st of 5 Fear Itself tie-ins. Chris Bachalo's cartoony art is OK but not to my taste. His Red Hulk is weird. Ms Marvel's mask often looks like a very large pair of glasses. And then there's his male chins. A passing comment indicates that the interviews for the Oral History book have been going on for years. The shots before the splash page must be from scattered earlier interviews. They include currently dead people (Wasp), people with varying facial hair (Thor), and people with varying costumes (Wasp again, of course). The interviews after the splash page are all about Fear Itself, and feature the current crew. Beast, Giant-Man, Quicksilver and Wasp only appear as talking heads. Sin's army attacked Washington in FI#2. The splash page says it's now on the way to New York, which won't actually happen until FI#4. It doesn't say which city is shown under attack here, but it looks more like NY to me. It's actually Stark Resilient that's going to rebuild Asgard, with help from the populace of Broxton. Putting the Avengers on stage is just a political move. The plan to rebuild Asgard on Earth takes a blow when Odin leads his people back to the Asgardian dimension in FI#2. But the Earthly Asgard *does* get rebuilt after Fear Itself.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers #13 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
A lot of this issue is written in the form of snippets of interviews for Avengers Assemble: an Oral History of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The completed parts of that appeared as backups in earlier issues of Avengers and New Avengers, and only covered the 1st decade and a half of the original series. Most of the interviews here are written as if looking back on Fear Itself.

Scattered among these interviews are scenes, mostly leading up to and including Tony Stark's announcement about rebuilding the Earthly Asgard in Fear Itself #1. But the 1st such scene is of Sin's army attacking from FI#2.

Then we go back to a peaceful gathering of the Avengers, which confirms that Red Hulk is now a member, as Protector introduces him to his girlfriend Annie.

The interviews talk about the atmosphere of fear at the time (as described in FI#1). The Avengers thought it might be due to all the 'events' the country had been through lately, like Civil War and Secret Invasion. Tony Stark thought the Avengers rebuilding Asgard would be a symbolic act that might turn things around.

Cue a huge Asgardian feast, during which Ms Marvel and Spider-Woman bemoan their long lack of dating action. Carol Danvers detects a spark between Jessica Drew and Hawkeye. And those 2 start flirting.

Interview bits establish that Hawkeye and Mockingbird are no longer married. But Bobbi Morse is still not that comfortable with Clint Barton maybe hooking up with someone else. Also Ms Marvel thinks having a relationship within the team is asking for trouble.

Then we finish with the big announcement as seen in FI#1.

Chris Bachalo
Wayne Faucher
Chris Bachalo
Alan Davis (Cover Penciler)
Mark Farmer (Cover Inker)
Javier Rodríguez (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Clayton Cowles.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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Plus: Danielle Cage, Protector (Noh-Varr), Victoria Hand.

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