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Avengers #19: Review

Nov 2011
Brian Michael Bendis, Daniel Acuna

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4 stars

Avengers #19 Review by (March 14, 2012)
This Vision isn't (exactly) the same as the one currently with the Young Avengers. This Vision was destroyed way back in Avengers #500 in the Avengers Disassembled event. His operating system was used as a template for the Young Avengers' Vision. Vision was himself reborn in the Chaos War: Dead Avengers mini-series, but self-destructed in battle. Now Stark has rebuilt him. During the Heroic Age arcs Steve Rogers was in overall charge of SHIELD and all Avengers teams. Maria Hill was his liaison with the adjectiveless Avengers, and Victoria Hand with the New Avengers. I don't know if their situations have changed. Now that he's taken back the Captain America identity, I believe he still has his high command status. Iron Man seems to be leader of this team. I'm not sure whether Cap is actually on the team. Norman Osborn has featured in many of the major events of the past few years. In Civil War he led the Thunderbolts. In Secret Invasion he publicly killed the Skrull leader, and used the kudos from that to gain control of the Avengers and SHIELD (replacing the latter with HAMMER) in Dark Reign. But he overreached himself attacking Asgard in Siege, and has since been incarcerated in the Raft.

After a long history as an alternative Captain America and then as US Agent, John Walker lost an arm and a leg during Siege in Mighty Avengers #35. Since then he's featured in Thunderbolts as warden of The Raft. Maybe Black Panther shouldn't have been so quick to turn down the job, because his own series will soon end (again). Black Panther and Storm are still married, but spend most of their time apart these days, Storm back with the X-Men in San Francisco and Panther taking Daredevil's place as protector of Hell's Kitchen in New York. Storm's joking comment that Panther will do anything to keep her in NY is a reference to her recent visit with him there in BP: The Man Without Fear #519-520. Storm and Wolverine are now on different X-Men teams as well as different Avengers teams. Storm is with Cyclops' crew, while Wolverine has his own squad. Storm floating down to join the Avengers in the Mansion grounds reminded me of the opening of #267 (in an alternate universe, and different Avengers).

This month's cover isn't as misleading as last month's, in that this time everyone there is also inside. But as a glimpse of the new lineup it's not very accurate. Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Protector and Spider-Woman are OK. Vision's there as one of the new guys. But so is Black Panther, rather than Storm who actually does join. Spider-Man and Wolverine are included, even though they're specifically dropped from the squad. And Ms Marvel's on the cover but there's not even a hint that she was considered. Who's present at Avengers Mansion this time around? Obviously the final team are there. And I've mentioned hangers on Victoria Hand, Maria Hill and Jarvis. Most of the New Avengers are in attendance (well they do live there):- Luke Cage, Jessica Jones (with baby Danielle and nanny Squirrel Girl), Ms Marvel, Spider-Man and Wolverine plus Dr Strange and Iron Fist. I don't see Mockingbird or Thing (or Wong). And the Secret Avengers have gone home since last issue (taking the possible Misty Knight with them). Quake is a SHIELD agent with seismic powers. She debuted in the Secret War limited series. She's cropped up several times since then, most recently as one of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors.


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Avengers #19 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
SHIELD agent Daisy Johnson, aka Quake who was one of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors, is investigating Norman Osborn's escape from the Raft in New Avengers #16.1. She is accompanied by Hawkeye and Spider-Woman, who of course weren't involved in the escape because they're not New Avengers. They are interrogating the warden John Walker, who used to be US Agent. Quake takes the files on 14 guards who have gone missing.

Hawkeye can't resist flirting with Spider-Woman.

Captain America is in Avengers Mansion, still deliberating over who should be on the official Avengers team. He's going to leave the New Avengers team alone, and Luke Cage will basically keep it as it is. (Nobody mentions the Secret Avengers, presumably because they're, like, secret.)

Both teams are currently based in the Mansion, which Cage now owns, since the destruction of Avengers Tower during Fear Itself.

An enthusiastic crowd is gathered round the Mansion. But feeling of the media is mixed. While many applaud the Avengers and others for saving us from recent attacks, some pundits blame the super-heroes for letting things get as bad as they did. Or even for causing the problems in the first place. Included in there I think is some support for Norman Osborn's time in office.

Cap is seeking to bolster the Avengers' ranks after losing Thor and Bucky during Fear Itself. He tracks down Black Panther in Hell's Kitchen and helps him defeat a robot. Panther turns down the request that he rejoin the Avengers. But he suggests Cap contact his wife Storm instead.

Storm readily responds, and drops in as the assembled Avengers are enjoying a fine day out in the Mansion's garden. As she considers the offer, Tony Stark arrives with a reactivated Vision. Vision is eager to rejoin. And Storm confirms to Wolverine that they are both now Avengers as well as X-Men.

Meanwhile Cap meets with Quake, who tells him that the 14 missing guards from the Raft were all secretly Osborn supporters working for HAMMER. She suspects that HAMMER have infiltrated everywhere. Cap drafts her onto the team.

Cap has decided on the team:- Quake, Storm and Vision join Hawkeye, Iron Man, Protector, Red Hulk and Spider-Woman from the previous incarnation. Spider-Man and Wolverine realise they've been squeezed out, although they're still in the New Avengers.

Maria Hill is only in the background this issue, but Victoria Hand claims to be a liaison for the team.

Iron Man makes the official announcement of the new team, which seems to include Cap as a member.

But during the press conference Norman Osborn appears. He claims that Cap illegally removed him from control of the Avengers, and he's been held without trial since then.

Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna
Daniel Acuna (Cover Penciler)
Daniel Acuna (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Tom Brevoort.


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Plus: Protector (Noh-Varr), Quake (Daisy Johnson), Squirrel Girl, Victoria Hand.

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