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Avengers Spotlight #32: Review

May 1990
Steve Gerber, Al Milgrom

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4 stars

Avengers Spotlight #32 Review by (September 14, 2022)

Review: The grim tale adds a wild card, a murderous vigilante who has taken the Punisher’s comics way too seriously. The surprising bit is that Hawkeye examines the drug situation and is at a loss for any real solution, so he begins harassing the drug dealers and street punks as a temporary measure. It’s a surprisingly realistic view for a superhero comic book and we’ll see if the second story also learns its lesson about simplifying complex issues.

U.S. Agent discovers from the people who really care about immigrants that everyone is the world is apparently entitled to come and live in America. So much for any sort of complexity or nuance in a complicated social issue. But U.S. Agent gets to beat up a lot of people unnecessarily (the Sanctuary workers and Captain Hitchuck) because he punches first and stops to talk later. A boneheaded hero and a dumbed-down story. Sigh…but we always have Hawkeye.

Comments: First story: Part three of six parts. Second story: Part two of four parts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Avengers Spotlight #32 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Police Detective Zamora updates Hawkeye and Mockingbird on the results of the latest investigation. Hit-man Reynaldo Cortazar was killed by a mysterious gunman who left a symbol, a T in a circle, at the scene. Cortazar’s presence indicates that the Stone Perfs gang is working for a much larger organization with connections; “Circle T” is a wild card. Zamora warns Hawkeye that if he is going to continue his anti-gang crusade, he will need clearer objectives and a set of tactics if he wants to avoid dying. After he leaves, Mockingbird give her own speech on why Hawkeye needs to be more careful….

Meanwhile to the underworld, “Circle T” reveals himself to be the Terminizer, gunning down Stone Perf punks on the streets of LA….

Lotus Newmark gives Prince Charming his orders and also a lesson on why he should respect her. She catches him leering behind her back and she easily beats him up with smooth martial arts moves, leaving a gash in his abdomen as a reminder….

Hawkeye patrols the streets at night, wondering whether there is any solution to the gang/drug problem, unaware that the Terminizer is watching him. Hawkeye spies two muggers robbing a young woman so he heads down and subdues them. The woman does not want to call the police as she is afraid of retaliation by the gangs so Hawkeye leaves them bound in the alley. But after the Avenger leaves, the Terminizer shows up and executes the two helpless bad guys and leaves his mark on the wall beside them….

Over the next several hours, Hawkeye pursues his new strategy of constantly harassing the gang members, unaware that the Terminizer always appears minutes later to shoot the Stone Perfs. The next morning, Clint and Bobbi are talking about his new strategy when they are interrupted by Wonder Man, calling their attention to a news report on the TV. Discovering that gang members he has subdued are being murdered, he is shocked….

“The Xenophobic Man Part Two: Methods and Standards” 3/5
Writer: Fabian Nicieza. Pencils: Dan Lawlis. Inks: Keith Williams. Colors: Brad Vancata. Letters: Janice Chiang.
Synopsis: On a late night visit to a church, U.S. Agent is surrounded by men with guns. He beats them all up and then tells Father Kevin Grass he is trying to stop the man killing illegal immigrants. Father Grass tells him they are on the same side and the fight was unnecessary. The priest takes him to a secret basement where he shows U.S. Agent what the Sanctuary Movement is doing—protecting illegal immigrants. Father Grass reveals that the Sanctuary people were not involved in the deadly crossing the night before (last issue)—but they called the Border Patrol about it and they did nothing to protect the Mexicans….

U.S. Agent returns to the Patrol headquarters where he beats up Captain Hitchuck, accusing him of working with the killer. Hitchuck asks who was on switchboard duty the night before; he is told it was Officer Fred Bouting who is now at the hospital…

…where the killer is threatening to shoot a Mexican boy to force the nurse to reveal the headquarters of the Sanctuary Movement. She tells him the name of the church—and he fires….

Al Milgrom
Hajek Satter Lee
Mike Rockwitz
James Fry (Cover Penciler)
Brad Vancata (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.


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(Clint Barton)
U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent

(John Walker)

Plus: Lady Lotus (Lotus Newmark).

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