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Captain America #192: Review

Dec 1975
Marv Wolfman, Frank Robbins

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3 stars

Captain America #192 Review by (January 20, 2011)
Comments: First appearance of Karla Sofen, who becomes the second Moonstone in INCREDIBLE HULK (Vol. 2) #228-229 and later the Thunderbolts’ Meteorite then the Dark Avengers’ Ms. Marvel. The story has some elements in common with GOLDFINGER, most notably the suave mastermind recruiting gangsters to aid in an ambitious robbery, and Faustus’ fate at the end.


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Captain America #192 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Steve Rogers, still upset and confused over the discovery that the Falcon was a pawn of the Red Skull all along (revealed in issue #186), heads to the airport to catch a flight back to New York to think things over. When he arrives he is told the only fight leaving soon is a private charter plane leaving in a few minutes. He hurries to the gate and flashes his SHIELD Priority badge to get past the guard. As he boards the plane, he becomes suspicious: first the stewardess, Karla, is wearing a mask and ammo belts, and asking the passengers to turn in their guns. Then Steve notices that all the other passengers are gangland types. In flight their host introduces himself: sinister psychiatrist Dr. Faustus! He outlines the plan he has recruited them for: looting Manhattan under threat of destruction. As he hands out individual assignments, Steve ducks into the bathroom and changes to his Captain America gear. He comes out swinging, cutting a swath through the gangsters (who had checked their guns at the door, remember?). But Faustus has an ace in the hole: paralysis weapons. As he and Cap struggle for one of the ray guns, Cap receives a mild blast and is rendered helpless. When the plane enters the airspace over New York, Faustus broadcasts his threats but suddenly the communications system goes dead, its wires cut by Cap, who has recovered more quickly than expected. A crook draws a concealed gun and fires at Cap but only breaks a window. The sudden depressurization sucks Faustus out of the plane to his apparent death and Cap plugs the hole with his shield. The pilot has also been knocked unconscious and only Cap can fly a plane. The baddies set him in the cockpit but keep an eye out for tricks. Cap radios the air tower for assistance in landing, identifying himself as Flight 911. The nonexistent number alerts the controllers to an emergency so when the plane touches down, the police are waiting to nab the gangster. As Cap heads into the city, he is still upset and confused….

Frank Robbins
D. Bruce Berry
Michelle Wolfman
John Romita (Cover Penciler)
Frank Giacoia (Cover Inker)


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Captain America

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