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Captain America #18: Review

Jan 2020
Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jason Masters

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The Legend of Steve Part V

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4 stars

Captain America #18 Review by (January 29, 2020)

Review: “If you can’t believe in Captain America, what can you believe in?” Steve Rogers at his best: appealing to people to follow their better angels and trust in one another because that’s how a democratic republic is supposed to work. He also shows himself a hero by running the gauntlet of weapons to face the villain himself. Too bad things are about to get very complicated as we are left wondering what John Walker has to do with Scourge. Even more complicated, next issue’s cover teases Cap’s discovery of Dryad’s identity and remember: she’s Peggy Carter, who died of old age back in 2011, so how is she playing Batwoman now? Lazarus Pit? (Wait…) I can’t wait to find out….

Comments: Title says Part V but it’s really Part VI. Oops.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #18 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Dryad contacts Sharon Carter for an update on the current crisis; afterward, Sharon puts her phone down and Steve Rogers wonders who she has been talking to secretly….

A mob is attacking a halfway house for recently freed convicts, bent on lynching the perceived bad guys among them. Steve leads his team: Misty Knight and Mockingbird will evacuate the residents, Invisible Woman will provide cover, and Spider-Woman will calm the mob down with her pheromone power while Steve addresses them, appealing to their former admiration for Captain America and calling for them to trust one another and go home. And it works. Without Jess’ pheromones, too. A police officer tells Steve that the authorities have found Scourge and are laying siege to his cabin in the woods upstate….

Steve’s team arrives on the scene, Sue sets up barriers to protect the cops and Misty recognizes that Scourge is not in the cabin but controlling everything (automatic gun turrets, etc.) from the barn behind. Steve runs the gauntlet of the weapons and crashes into the barn and Scourge runs out the back—and stands between three gun turrets to be shot to pieces.…

The next day, Mayor Wilson Fisk announces the death of Scourge (Anthony Diaz, as suspected last time), revealing that his own assassination was a ruse to draw out the villain. At home, Alyssa Larrimore, whose husband Tony was murdered by the Watchdogs (last issue), is approached by John Walker, the former U.S. Agent, appealing to her to remember the criminals in charge of the city and handing her a Scourge mask….

Sharon comes home to Steve and while she is out of the room, he uses her phone to set up a meeting with the mysterious Dryad….

Toni Ho of the Daughters of Liberty also appears but I couldn't work her into the synopsis.

Jason Masters
Jason Masters
Matt Milla
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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(Peggy Carter)
Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

(Sue Storm)

(Wilson Fisk)

(Jessica Drew)
U.S. Agent
U.S. Agent

(John Walker)

Plus: Daughters of Liberty, Iron Patriot (Toni Ho), Scourge (Scourge of the Underworld).

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