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Captain America #2: Review

Oct 2023
J. Michael Straczynski, Jesus Saiz

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Taking A.I.M.

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4.5 stars

Captain America #2 Review by (October 25, 2023)

Review: Ah, issue #2 of STEVE ROGERS, ORDINARY PERSON WITH A CAMEO BY CAPTAIN AMERICA. That’s unfair, though as the story is quite well written by JMS with a number of witty lines. The plot is shaping up, paralleling the rise of the American Nazis and the new A.I.M. with Steve/Cap shaping up to be their chief enemy—even though teen Steve has no power to oppose them with. Travis Lane is a decent villain but is just another “arrogant bad guy with sardonic sense of humor” that is the standard template for villains ever since Hannibal Lecter. They’re fun to read about but fairly interchangeable; we’ll have to see where he goes. Nice explanation or the Nazis’ scapegoat strategy; it may be new to some readers and warnings how to recognize fascism when it raises its head. Simple artwork is a plus as well, giving the series a more dignified mood. Looks like this could be a classic. We’ll see.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #2 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

New York, 1938: Steve Rogers has his first taste of Nazi ideology when he attends a German American Bund rally in Central Park; he raises questions about their fascist plans and he is taken away and beaten up….

One year ago: Travis Lane, founder of the new A.I.M., and Arianna Walters purchase a Pacific island, telling the real estate agent, “You’ll get what’s coming to you.” The agent balks as that is a pop culture cliché, a euphemism for murder. Lane shows him the purchase money is already in his account. The man gets into his boat and speeds away –and then the boat blows up….

1938: Steve moves into the apartment he was promised and it’s nothing more than a cleared-out supply room. Neighbor Tiffany tries to tell the landlord, Antonelli, about the malfunctioning toilet but he hurries away. Steve offers to look at it….

Now, Steve Rogers and Seung Kim are renovating the bathrooms in Steve’s new apartment building. Seung tells him how his father was a builder in North Korea before escaping to the South and he taught his son to do the best job he can. Then Spider-Man stops by and asks for Steve’s help as the Sinister Six are plotting to kill him that night. Steve cancels a date with Sharon and as Captain America he waits by the villains’ rendezvous for several hours but they don’t show. A call from Black Cat informs them that Doc Ock had a cousin visiting from out of town so Spidey’s murder was rescheduled. Cap takes off….

A.I.M. island: a computer tech studying the code starts to notice that it is magical symbols rather than mathematics. Then he has a sudden compulsion to go up to the roof and jump off….

1938: Steve is part of a hostile crowd watching a Nazi parade. Nearby, there’s a Nazi meeting where Baron Zemo and Baron Strucker are introduced to one another. They discuss the Nazi strategy of finding an unpopular minority group, painting them as powerful enemies then causing a disaster and scapegoating the group so that Americans will support the Nazi cause. And they are planning such a disaster at Madison Square Garden….

1938: Steve has a visitor who tells him of having to escape Germany because he was Jewish. The man is there to give Steve his father’s wartime medals, which Steve places on the wall by his bed. That night, he hears a bunch of Nazis outside, harassing and threatening a pair of Hasidic Jews. Steve goes out to confront them and he is supported by the women in the other apartments appearing at their windows, holding buckets. The women dump the buckets, containing the effluvia of the broken toilets, on the Nazis and tell them the police are on the way….

Six weeks ago: Travis Lane approached a workman named Henry Cavenaugh and revealed that he knows Hanry is a serial killer. He wants to recruit Henry for his organization, showing him that he (Lane) is possessed by the demonic Asmoday. He explains Nexus Points, turning points in history during which Agents of Change arise to guide the world to the next stage. A.I.M.’s plan is to stop the next Nexus Point from happening; they have identified some Agents of Change and it will be Henry’s job to kill them, including the most dangerous one of all, Captain America….  

Jesus Saiz
Jesus Saiz
Matt Hollingsworth
Jesus Saiz (Cover Penciler)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Inker)
Jesus Saiz (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)

(Peter Parker)

Plus: Baron Strucker, Black Cat (Felicia Hardy).

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