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Captain America #7: Review

Mar 2024
J. Michael Straczynski, Carlos Magno

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Intermezzo, Part One of Two

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4 stars

Captain America #7 Review by (March 6, 2024)

Review: Captain America was always one of the most grounded heroes as you can’t get more realistic than placing the hero in an actual historical situation like World War 2. But every so often we see a new side to Cap such as Operation Galactic Storm or Dimension Z, both science fiction epics or here and now with Cap battling demons and supernatural forces. And so we have an issue that is mainly setting up a new fantasy milieu, entered via a theater whose acts seem inspired by Guillermo Del Toro, featuring some Dr. Strange-style exposition about a villainous brother we never see. And Cap readily jumps into this new realm in a two-part story that looks to be setting up the rest of JMS’ run. Cool issue has a different feel to it, magical and haunting at the same time. I’m really interested in where this goes.

Comments: Intermezzo refers to the music that bridges the acts in a show. Steve’s birthday is given as September 28, 1922.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Captain America #7 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Having finished the renovation of his apartment building, Steve Rogers steps back for a look and encounters a woman in a flowing gown who appeared mysteriously behind him. Despite her youthful appearance, she claims to have seen Steve’s mother watching him through the window when he went to school. She gives her name as Lyra. Steve is dubious, especially when she tells him who she is (which we don’t hear); he asks her to prove it and suddenly the brambles nearby turn into huge and thriving rose bushes. She needs his help and asks him to come to the front door at midnight, handing him a slip of paper with an address on it. And then she’s gone….

To test her, he invites Sam Wilson over to watch a movie that will end only after it’s too late to make the rendezvous. But five minutes before Steve would need to leave, Sam gets a call from his security firm asking him to check a disturbance (later revealed to be a cat giving birth to kittens in his apartment). This leaves Steve with exactly enough time to reach the midnight address….

So Steve rides his motorcycle over and discovers that the slip with the address now includes a note assuring him his bike will be safe. He then learns the Front Door is a theater with a strange ticket policy. The audience is full of strange people and Steve is shown to his seat by a young woman with butterfly wings who gives him a blank program that will fill itself in as the show proceeds. An astrologer named Teresa offers to give him a reading. When she learns he was born in 1922, she heads backstage and returns to ask for his autograph….

The show begins with an emcee promising no pain, no struggle, no violence, no death, because they are all under protection. Steve watches the offbeat acts all reflecting on what it’s like to be isolated and alone. Then Steve is called backstage to meet Lyra….

As he steps through the doors, he is suddenly in his Captain America outfit. Lyra stands in the rubble of a ruined cityscape, welcoming him to the Pale City. She tells him the city was destroyed by her brother and the Front Door has been a haven for those who would make the world better which Cap recognizes as “change agents,” as Asmoday called them. She shows him that the battle with the demon changed his shield so that here it seems to be made of crystal. Her brother was protector of good but the overwhelming evil of the Nazis drove him insane so that he believes the only recourse now is to destroy the world and start over. The Front Door is now the last-ditch effort against Death itself and her brother’s forces are about to attack. She explains that her brother will try to get her out of the way since he can’t destroy her. So Cap will be needed to locate a shadowy person who is set to arrive and bring him to the theater. And she warns him to only look at her brother through the crystal shield. She asks if his is ready, then draws back the curtain as the horde of demons attacks….

Carlos Magno
Carlos Magno
Espen Grundetjern
Taurin Clarke (Cover Penciler)
Taurin Clarke (Cover Inker)
Taurin Clarke (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Joe Caramagna.


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