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Hulk #48: Review

Apr 2012
Jeff Parker, Elena Casagrande

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Red Sky at Morning Part 2

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3.5 stars

Hulk #48 Review by (January 2, 2024)

Review: More exciting than the previous issue with a lot of clever action by the heroes. Almost ruined by the hint of a touchy-feely ending but at least we don’t witness a heart-to-heart talk between the Rosses.

Comments: Final appearances (as of 2023) of Zero/One, Black Fog, and Jacob Feinman, though Zero/One is mentioned in the next issue as being on the loose.  


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #48 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Jacob Feinman recalls the old days when he was assistant to scientist Parul Kurinji and fell in love with her and marvels at the contrast to the present situation wherein Kurinji is the human/machine hybrid Zero/One who desires to reshape the world in her image. Now she unleashes sea monsters on Red Hulk and Machine Man. One unleashes a sonic weapon that disables X-51 while a monster chomps down on Red Hulk’s arm, immobilizing him; Zero/One sends in Black Fog to take advantage of the situation….

Aboard the good guys’ ship, Annie tells Red She-Hulk that Rulk is in danger but RSH doesn’t care: it is Betty Ross, not her, that cares for her father. She uses binoculars to watch the show….

Rulk tricks Black Fog into decapitating the monster holding his arm, then he kills the snake emitting the shriek affecting X-51. Rulk stomps to sink the floating base but nothing happens; X-51 points out that the ship’s polymer coating is designed to channel energy into the ocean. Another monster rises from the sea hurling starfish that inject a deadly toxin into Red Hulk’s wound while Black Fog swings his swords and severs Machine Man’s arms. Zero/One has her drone army open fire with automatic weapons while she opens her power core to irradiate Rulk. Seeing this from the other ship, Red She-Hulk leaps to the rescue. She lands on Zero/One, interrupting her attack then bashes Black Fog and the monsters to rescue Red Hulk. Jacob Feinman helps X-51 repair himself then quietly passes him a compact disc. X-51 reads it and find info on how to defeat Zero/One. X-51 emits a high-pitched signal that knocks all of the drone soldiers offline but the chief effect is that it breaks the psychic hold she had over Black Fog, who resented the torture she put him through to make him her servant. Fog unleashes a mind-numbing shriek that makes her feel the pain she had inflicted on him and then he vanishes. Zero/One is surrounded by the heroes but she teleports herself and Jacob Feinman, whom she does not know had betrayed her, onto her airship and they zoom away. As the heroes ponder the escape of Zero/One and Black Fog, RSH turns back into Betty Ross, ready to have a talk with her dad….

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Elena Casagrande
Elena Casagrande
Rachelle Rosenberg
Butch Guice (Cover Penciler)
Butch Guice (Cover Inker)
Val Staples (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Red Hulk
Red Hulk

(Thunderbolt Ross)
Red She-Hulk
Red She-Hulk

(Betty Ross)

Plus: Annie, Black Fog, Jacob Feinman, Zero/One (Parul Kurinji).

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