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Hulk #9: Review

Dec 2014
Gerry Duggan, Mark Bagley

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The Omega Hulk Chapter Five

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5 stars

Hulk #9 Review by (December 8, 2014)
Comments: Doc Green (Hulk) does his best Where's Johnny interpretation (Jack Nicholson in the Shinning) when he splits the door of the X-Men lair open, and shows up his face. And his greeting to Pryde matches the name of the popular Japanesse character, "Hello, Kitty!".

Comments: When Banner wakes up, and realizes just how smart the Hulk has become, he regrets Tony Stark having used Extremis to cure his brain. Though extremely smart, Banner cannot match Doc Green's hyper intellect. Funny: the A.I. device explains Banner not to smash things he does not understand.

Comments: Betty Ross ordered Banner to be shot. Yet he still cares for her. Doc Green does not, he has remorse. The bomb at her place is his containment plan. The last sentence Banner said while turning into Doc Green was I will kill you forever. Did he discover Doc Green is the or like the Maestro? The Professor Hulk (with Banner's intellect) sent the Maestro back in time to kill him at the 1962 G-Bomb blast.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk #9 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Doc Green (Hulk) has detected a tumor in his brain and asks Kitty Pryde (who is in the lair of Cyclops' X-Men in Canada) to remove it using her intangible powers. The tumor was created by the Extremis in the Hulk's skull (used by Tony Stark to cure Banner of the brain damage caused by the two shots he received on the neck).

Guided by an Artifical Intelligence device of Doc Green's authorship, Pryde is able to remove the tumor. The Hulk suffers an extremely painful internal bleeding, but he quickly recovers from it. He returns to his lab, the Beehive, using his teleportation apparatus, after thanking Pryde for her valuable help. Cyclops shows up moments later, wondering what could have split the impenetrable lab door in two.

At the Beehive, Doc Green tells the two assistants he's left with, Jessup Randall and Damon Veteri, not to be disturbed at his room. Doc Green falls to sleep and turns into Bruce Banner.

When Banner wakes up, he tries leaving the room. But the Artificial Intelligence device won't let him. Commanding Banner to turn back into Doc Green, the A.I. threatens to punish disobedience by killing Betty Ross (who can no longer transform into the Red She-Hulk) with a bomb hidden at her place.

Banner realizes the A.I. isn't joking and starts pounding the floor until tension turns him into Doc Green, who falls into a deep sleep.

Doc Green dreams for the first time. In his dream, New York city is destroyed and in flames. Hulk is fighting superheroes like Thor, Iron Man, the Thing, Mr. Fantastic, and Captain America. He kills them all.

Before waking up, Hulk seemingly kills Rick Jones too, and reveals his true appearance: He's got gray hair and a beard. He's the Maestro.

Doc Green analyzes his dream, calls it a "fascinating experience", feels "rejuvenated", and considers growing a beard...

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Mark Bagley
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