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Immortal Hulk #13: Review

Feb 2019
Al Ewing, Joe Bennett

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A Booth in the Midwest

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3.5 stars

Immortal Hulk #13 Review by (February 6, 2019)

Review: Well, they finally got me: after a couple of theological/philosophical discussions the weight of the Kaballah has knocked me flat and as a result, I have no idea what the issue is talking about. It does wrap up the Hulk in Hell arc nicely and the part about Hulk loving Banner is a nice riff on the usual characterization but I don't know what the whole point finally turned out to be. Maybe next issue there will be less explanation of the esoteric and more biffing of monsters.

Comments: Belardino Brabo and Rafael Fonteriz contributed to the inking. Issue includes a “Stan's Soapbox” column as a tribute to the late Stan Lee. That odd title comes from the final page (where the title appears) where Bruce is calling Betty from a telephone booth in the Midwest. Easter egg: Betty Ross is wearing a Marie Severin t-shirt.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Immortal Hulk #13 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

As with Hell and the Devil in the last two issues, the plot of this issue pauses periodically for a definition of the Hulk: which emanation of the divine is he, Geburah, strength in righteousness, or Golachab, strength in destruction?

The One Below All floats over Hell, vomiting out hordes of gruesome monsters and the emaciated Hulk battles them. The ghost of Brian Banner watches with approval and the dead Rick Jones converts into the dead A-Bomb to aid the Hulk. Puck lectures the Absorbing Man on the nature of Gamma as both science and magic and the One Below All has maneuvered Creel into absorbing the Gamma from Hulk. Creel then confronts Brian Banner—and returns all of his absorbed Gamma to Hulk, who is instantly his old familiar muscle-bound self again. Hulk faces Brian Banner who denies that Hulk is his son: he calls Hulk the son of the One Below All. Hulk responds with “Hulk is Hulk!” and a thunderclap that sends Brian and the One flying into the distance....

Hulk approaches a terrified Bruce Banner and tells him that they must go back to their world together if they want to survive. Bruce wants to die but Hulk reminds him he was always there to protect him—because Hulk loves Bruce....

Back on Earth, Jackie McGee, Puck, and Crusher Creel find a confused Walter Langkowski. Puck invites Creel to join Gamma Flight. Jackie is disturbed about meeting her dead father, wondering where Hulk is. Meanwhile, Carl Burbank Bushwacker is still watching them....

At midnight, Betty Ross receives a strange phone call that turns out to be from Bruce, asking if he can come home....

Joe Bennett
Ruy Jose
Paul Mounts
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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Absorbing Man
Absorbing Man

(Crusher Creel)
Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Jackie McGee
Jackie McGee

(Jacqueline McGee)

(Walter Langkowski)

Plus: Puck.

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