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Incredible Hulk #5: Review

Jan 1963
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

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Beauty And The Beast!

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #5 Review by (February 15, 2010)
First time Rick Jones acts like the Hulk's sidekick. The events in this issue are very similar to those in the Planet Hulk saga written by Greg Pak where the Hulk is forced to fight in an arena for the amusement of many. After his victory, the Hulk tries attacking the Emperor, the Red King, who was in his viewing stand.

Incredible Hulk #5 Review by (March 15, 2010)
Though the Hulk leaps to get from here to there, sometimes it looks as if he's actually flying, something he could do in previous issues.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #5 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Image from Incredible Hulk #5

Tyrannus, a centuries-old leader of an underground race, has kept his body young with the Fountain of Youth. He intends to conquer the surface world, and kidnaps Betty Ross.

Bruce Banner uses his gamma ray machine to turn into the Hulk, and joined by Rick Jones, go to her rescue. But the villain knocks them out with volcanic gas.

To guarantee Betty's safety, Hulk is forced to obey Tyrannus. For the tyrant's amusement, the monster fights a powerful robot in a Roman-like arena. Hulk beats his opponent, and tries hurting Tyrannus, but the villain knocks him out (again) yet this time using a paralyzing weapon.

Hulk is forced to do labors for Tyrannus. Fortunately, Jones finds an opportunity to free Betty; untied, Hulk confronts Tyrannus, and beats him.

As the entrance to the underground city is buried, Hulk, Rick and Betty escape to the surface.

Strangely, the traumatic experience makes Betty forget the whole thing.

Story #2

The Hordes of General Fang!

Writer: Stan Lee. Penciler: Jack Kirby. Inker: Dick Ayers. Letterer: Art Simek.

Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Hulk is exercising his leg muscles leaping through the country. Thunderbolt Ross uses his newest weapon, the iceberg rocket, to capture the Hulk.

The Hulk falls to the ground in an ice cube, but the ice melts and he escapes before the soldiers can grab him.

Back at his lab, Hulk uses the gamma ray machine to turn into Banner who tells Jones he's starting to lose control of the Hulk. 

Invasion of an Asian country makes Banner use his gamma ray machine again to turn into the Hulk. He and Jones visit Asia where they defeat villain General Fang and his troops.

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Jack Kirby
Dick Ayers
Jack Kirby (Cover Penciler)
Dick Ayers (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Art Simek.


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Betty Ross
Betty Ross

(Elizabeth Ross)
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Thunderbolt Ross
Thunderbolt Ross

(Thaddeus Ross)

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