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Incredible Hulk #181: Review

Nov 1974
Len Wein, Herb Trimpe

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And Now, The Wolverine

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #181 Review by (February 15, 2010)
The first appearance of Wolverine was last comic (Hulk #180) but he only appears in the last page. In this story we learn that Wolverine is a mutant who has been enhanced by a government that calls him Weapon-X. Initially, Wolverine was incapable of hurting the Hulk with his claws, something that writer Peter David changes in Hulk #340.


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Incredible Hulk #181 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Image from Incredible Hulk #181
Wolverine jumps at Hulk and Wendigo but after realizing that his adamantium claws cannot pierce the Hulk's hide, Wolverine attacks the Wendigo to whom is able to hurt. Hulk takes that as a gest of friendship from Wolverine and aids him to defeat the Wendigo. But since Wolverine was sent by the Canadian government to take down the Hulk, so he tries once again.

As the two battle, Marie Carter and Georges Baptise carry the Wendigo to a nearby cave, where the girl would use black magic to transfer the curse of the Wendigo onto the Hulk and thus free her brother Paul. Using gas, Marie knocks out Wolverine and the Hulk, who turns into Bruce Banner.

Refusing to pass the curse to another man, Georges goes into the cave and initiates the ritual, passing the curse of the Wendigo to himself, thus saving Paul who was his best friend.

Marie freaks out when she sees the new Wendigo, this breaks Wolverine's concentration which benefits the Hulk who is able to connect a punch that ends the battle in his favor.

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Herb Trimpe
Jack Abel
Glynis Wein
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