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Incredible Hulk #22: Review

Jan 2001
Paul Jenkins, Kyle Hotz

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Disorganized Crime

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #22 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
The Gray-Hulk grabs Hack's convertible and drives to Chicago, where a mob organization, the Delfini family, owns him a million dollars from his times as Mr.Fixit in Las Vegas. To ensure the Delfinis "truly understand" his request, the Hulk busts in a casino related to the Italian family, and destroys the place, defeating the goons. The Delfinis are ran by Jimmy senior, the father. But he's on a wheelchair, doesn't talk much. Minor issues are decided by Jimmy Jr. and his brothers. But they're all a bunch of idiots. Before Jimmy Jr. orders to pay back the Hulk's debt, brother Dicky sent his men to visit Ol'Greenskin. The result was nothing more than a lot of injured Mafia goons. Jimmy Jr. thinks the Chinese Mafia is behind all of this, and decides for a rematch. Before his men find the Hulk, Jimmy Sr. and his two assistants (one called Mr.Pyles), meet Gray Jaws in an arranged dark place to resolve the situation. Hulk asks Jimmy Sr. for interests but doesn't receive an answer. The gamma spawned monster starts to loose his patience, so the two assistants show him that Senior is actually dead. Nobody knows about it, not even his sons!

Kyle Hotz
Eric Powell
Kyle Hotz (Cover Penciler)

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