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Infinity Wars #1: Review

Aug 2018
Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr.

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4 stars

Infinity Wars #1 Review by (August 5, 2018)
The big question in the build-up to this series has been 'Who is Requiem?'. Well that's answered so we can all go home now.

But now who is Devondra?

So Gamora is Requiem, a name she's just invented based on something Thanos said as she killed him. So it was she who had the Asgardian Dwarf create the armour and sword for her in the opening flashbacks of the Infinity Countdown issues. The flashback status means she's been planning this for a while, though we don't yet know why the Dwarf was so reluctant to make the armour. Presumably she had the Power Stone attached to the sword when she used it to kill Thanos in Infinity Wars Prime, although it wasn't shown then. But it shows her holding the Power Stone case while talking to Peter Quill at the start of this issue, so she probably made the switch then. If so then this issue and IWP overlap.

Marvel Wiki suggests that the monsters seen in Soul World in IC#5 and IW Prime were Soul Eaters too but they each looked very different from this 1. There have also been Soul-Eaters in various Dr Strange issues which again seemed different. We shall see if anything is made of this. But the cover of #3 has *this* Soul-Eater fighting *our* heroes.

Turk's gang:- Bullseye - deadly aim - Daredevil villain and member of Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts. Sandman - turns into sand - Spider-Man villain who's also been a member of the Frightful Four, the Avengers and Silver Sable's Wildpack. Spot - teleporter - Spider-Man villain and general henchman. Tombstone - invulnerable and strong - enemy of Spider-Man, Daredevil and anybody else. Typhoid Mary - split-personality psychotic mutant - Daredevil villain and member of the Avengers Initiative.

Thor claims that (future) King Thor remembered this meeting going sour and mentioned it to Thor. But neither I nor Thorophile Peter Silvestro can recall such a conversation.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Infinity Wars #1 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Gamora meets with Star-Lord in a bar to try to persuade him 1 last time use the Power Stone to help her get the Soul Gem and open the way to Soul World to retrieve the trapped fragment of her soul. Peter Quill once again denies her, it's too dangerous for the universe, and says Groot and Rocket Raccoon agree with him. He adds that Drax agrees too and he's left to help Adam Warlock guard the Soul Gem.

Gamora accepts the decision but asks Peter not to attend the gathering of Infinity Stone holders that Doctor Strange has called (in Infinity Countdown #5). But Quill sees that as the only way of getting rid of the burden of the Power Stone, or at least getting more protection for himself. So she kisses him goodbye and walks out.

Star-Lord joins Groot and Rocket who were waiting to hear the outcome. They were expecting *him* to ask Gamora to rejoin *them*. But whatever, he failed. And he declares again that the Guardians Of The Galaxy are over.

On Earth in New York a cyclist is knocked down by a taxi. But Adam Warlock and Drax appear through a portal with Iron Lad (the Young Avengers version) who stops time to move the cyclist to safety. They continue on their way to Strange's meeting and Drax is surprised that DrS would allow them to be accompanied by a young version of Kang the Conqueror.

3 cars arrive with Turk Barrett's contingent. Turk briefs his henchmen (Bullseye, Sandman, Spot, Tombstone and Typhoid Mary). If it turns nasty kill anyone with a glowing rock. If he points at someone and smiles it means his Mind Stone has allowed him to detect an intention to attack them - so kill them. Bullseye wants to kill the confused cyclist now - the Park was supposed to be empty. Turk says he's irrelevant.

Elsewhere in Central Park a spaceship lands and disgorges Rocket, Star-Lord and Groot who reminisces about the 1st time he visited Earth (in Tales To Astonish #13 when he invaded it).

The common destination is Belvedere Castle in the middle of the Park where Dr Strange waits with Captain Marvel. Apparently the other Avengers are lurking around too. Turk and posse arrive and are somewhat amazed by a talking tree and a raccoon with a gun in the Guardians. Warlock's team slip in while that's going on.

Dr Strange announces the 1st meeting of the new Infinity Watch and introduces the attendees. Captain Marvel has the Reality Stone, Turk Barrett the Mind Stone, Peter Quill/Rocket/Groot the Power Stone, Adam Warlock/Drax/Iron Lad the Soul Gem and he himself has the Time Stone. Turk wants to know where the 6th Stone is. Strange says the possessor of the Space Stone is nearby but will remain unseen.

He warns them that they mustn't stay together long or the gathering will be detected, possibly by Thanos. He also mentions that the Soul Gem is dangerously corrupted.

Bullseye gets impatient and demands to see the Space Stone. Stephen Strange contacts its holder by mobile phone saying some of the attendees want proof. Turk and Bullseye are both angry about the special treatment, but Strange says it's for *their* protection not *hers*. And proof of existence arrives with a bullet shot through a playing card held by Bullseye (1 of his favourite weapons).

We see that Black Widow has a sniper rifle in a skyscraper outside the park. Bullseye tells Turk he wants "a chance to kill another of Red's old girls". This indicates he's worked out who it is. 'Red' is Daredevil and the previous 'old girl' he killed was Elektra. (But in true Marvel style she got better.)

DrS says the Space Stone will be available if required to change owners. He says that they need to agree a way of protecting the stones off Earth. Turk baulks at that. Star-Lord accuses him of using the Mind Stone to eavesdrop on the others. Rocket aims a big gun at Tombstone, who points out that he's bulletproof. Warlock thinks the problem with the Soul Gem should be the priority. Carol Danvers thinks they should each hide their Stones in a location known only to him/herself. But Strange thinks uniting their powers will be the only way to stop Thanos.

As the meeting dissolves into bickering Stephen and Carol combine the powers of their Time and Reality Stones to get attention with a demonstration. The combination (via a mumbo-jumbo explanation) enables them to see what Thanos is doing right now. They see his headless corpse. (See the end of Infinity Wars Prime.) Those who know who Thanos is are astonished and disturbed. But to Turk and co he's just a big dead guy.

Time for a change of scene and protagonists. Loki and Flowa the Asgardian Tomekeeper are travelling space in an Asgardian boat to the God Quarry where old gods come to die. But Flowa believes that beneath that lies the Quarry Of Creation. They are greeted by the 3 guardian Witches (as seen in Thanos (2017) #8-12) who declaim that "Infinity's end is here" and then burst into flame.

A portal opens and an alternate version of Loki tumbles through. He calls himself Loki Odinson, carries Mjolnir and wears the Infinity Stones on a harness. He tells Loki he won't be able to reach the "original universe" without them, and won't prevail against Requiem and Devondra. Taking the hint our Loki secretly draws a knife and plans to kill Loki Odinson for his weapons. But Flowa points out that Infinity Stones only work in their *own* universe.

Loki Odinson declines to help Loki the Trickster God because his *own* universe needs him *now*. And further argument is cut short when a large tentacle reaches out to pull him back through the portal. Loki and Flowa see many heroes fighting against a huge monster which Flowa recognises (from books in the library she looks after) as a Soul-Eater. Before the portal closes they see Loki Odinson come to a sticky end.

Loki is now more determined than ever to procure this universe's Infinity Stones. He wants to get to this 'original universe' where he hopes to discover who has been messing with his life (see IW Prime).

In Central Park the arguments continue and Turk is even more determined to hang on to the Mind Stone. And his ability to use it to link with other Infinity Stones has now led him to realiser that Star-Lord's Stone is fake. This is a surprise to Quill but when he opens the secure case he carries it in he discovers the object within is powerless. It's Drax who is the 1st to suspect Gamora of stealing the original.

But the incident sparks off a fight between Turk's gang and the rest. However Peter Quill retains his cool and asks Turk if he can tell where the Power Stone really *is*? Turk points upwards. But what we see in the air is Iron Man and Thor until a lightning bolt from higher up strikes the Golden Avenger and disrupts his armour system.

The battle below rages furiously when the figure who killed Thanos in IW Prime lands amongst them. The mystery foe, using the name Requiem, throws down the head of Thanos and says nobody else need die if they hand over the Infinity Stones. After fending off attacks (coincidentally by the 4 members of the Guardians Of The Galaxy) she unmasks as Gamora. Dr Strange warns everyone that the real Power Stone is embedded in the hilt of her big sword.

Peter Quill tries to talk Gamora down. But she says she's going to use the Stones to open the door to Soul World, fix what's wrong with it and rescue the fragment of her self trapped there. (Behind them the fight's resumed again.) Peter says she'll have to kill him. Gamora replies that nothing ever dies, and stabs him through the chest.

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.
Frank Martin
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Penciler)
Mike Deodato Jr. (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Jordan D. White. Editor-in-chief: C. B. Cebulski.


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Black Widow
Black Widow

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Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel

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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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Iron Man

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Plus: Flowa, Infinity Watch (of Infinity Wars), Iron Lad, Requiem (Gamora), Spot, Tombstone, Turk Barrett, Typhoid Mary.

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