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Marvel Age Hulk #3: Review

Nov 2004
Mike Raicht, Alex Sanchez

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Big Green Men

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3 stars


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Marvel Age Hulk #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Camping in the mountains of New Mexico, Bruce Banner has a nightmare that he is being pursued by a murderous Hulk and is awoken by a UFO landing nearby. The next day he comes to the city of Roswell where all the citizens are wandering around in a trance. A normal girl, Krislyn Smith, warns Bruce about the patrols and they hide in a local supermarket, where she tells him about seeing invading green aliens arriving at her parents’ home the night before so she went into hiding while she thought of a way to rescue them. What she doesn’t know is that her parents, Bryn and Cassandra, are Skrulls, part of an advance force stranded on Earth twenty years ago, posing as humans and awaiting the arrival of the Skrull warfleet. Well, the Skrulls have arrived and are in the process of constructing a portal to teleport warriors from the home planet. Skrull searchers find Bruce and Kris in the supermarket and put a control collar on Bruce, who starts to turn into the Hulk. Seeing him turn green, Kris believes Bruce is one of the invaders and flees. Hulk smashes the control collar and then attacks the Skrulls. Kris is reunited with her parents who tell her she is also a Skrull and remove her necklace to restore her true form. Kris and her mother, who consider Earth their home, want to oppose the invasion but are arrested as traitors. Hulk arrives and Bryn asks his help in rescuing his wife and daughter. Hulk tosses the invaders through the portal then destroys it to prevent further arrivals. The next morning Kris sees Bruce off down the road, informing him that she is learning to control her shapeshifting and encouraging him that maybe someday he will too.

Alex Sanchez
(Unknown artist)
John Rauch
Shane Davis (Cover Penciler)
Shane Davis (Cover Inker)
John Rauch (Cover Colorist)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)

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