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Order, The #6: Review

Sep 1999
?, Matt Haley

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Out of Order

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4 stars

Order, The #6 Review by (March 8, 2022)

Review: The concluding issue of this brief series has a rather impressive opening: it shows all of the Order members as younger men, revealing their dreams: Stephen Strange wanted to heal, making people’s better. Bruce Banner wanted to control things and make them safe. Norrin Radd wanted to explore and experience. Namor wanted to face challenges to learn how to lead. And all of this was negated by the curse of Yandroth. Pretty cool but the rest of the issue is a huge melee featuring an astounding number of characters, many of them just there to fill in empty spaces. And there are a lot of unanswered questions so that the thing doesn’t hold together very well: Who fired the beams that connected the four female counterparts to the Order to their partners? Why is Yandroth able to become a human again if the destruction of Yann was not completed? Why does Professor Hulk suddenly turn into regular Hulk at the midpoint? Okay wrap-up but could have been better.

Comments: Numbered both #6 and in a smaller font, #18, as a continuation of DEFENDERS Vol. 2/2001 series. Assembled heroes include Captain America, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Professor X, Ms. Marvel, Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Wolverine; those are just the speaking roles. Final appearance of Ardina as of 2022, though she has an entry in CIVIL WAR: BATTLE DAMAGE REPORT. Christopher Ganyrog and Romantic Objective Pamela return in THE LAST DEFENDERS #1 where they are killed by Yandroth; too bad, I always liked Adam Strange. Written by Jo Duffy and Kurt Busiek. Colors credited to Gregory Wright and Tom Smith’s Color Arts.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Order, The #6 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Former heroes Doctor Strange, Sub-Mariner, Professor Hulk and Silver Surfer are now the Order and are fighting a massive army of superheroes including the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and independent heroes. Meanwhile, the shade of Yandroth smiles, knowing that the increasing anger displayed will lead to his rebirth. Suddenly, the sky cracks open and the Defenders arrive: Nighthawk, Hellcat, Valkyrie, Namorita, She-Hulk, Clea, Ardina, As the latter four confront their corresponding male heroes, Nighthawk, Hellcat, and Valkyrie face the assembled heroes to persuade them to end the hostilities. As the male and female pairs fight, Nighthawk persuades Captain America to give them a hearing. They explain how the Order guys are under the control of Yandroth who is forcing them to fight and the energy generated will destroy two planets (Yann and Earth) and return Yandroth to the land of the living. But Cap and the other leaders are skeptical since there is no evidence for this story. As the combine is about to attack the Defenders, another sky rift opens and Dr. Christopher Ganyrog and Romantic Objective Pamela emerge leading the Masters of the Mental Arts; they are firing weapons that do not inflict physical damage but hinder the actions of those targeted. And then Papa Hagg arrives to tell Namorita, She-Hulk, Clea, and Ardina that a bit of the humanity of their counterparts has been infused into them and…then Papa Hagg is struck down by a lightning bolt from nowhere. As the Heroes begin to break through the barrier created by the force from Yann, the four women fly up to block the heroes from the Order—and then four bolts are shot through them and into their male counterparts. Then Yandroth, on the verge of full rebirth, appears as a giant in the sky. He challenges the Order to battle but they, now out from under his spell, refuse. And without the energy coming in from Yann, he shrinks into a human form. He is arrested by Ganyrog and the forces from Yann return home to put him on trial. Dr. Strange and the other ex-Order members thank the Defenders for doing what was necessary to save them. But the revived Red Raven wants the Order to answer for their crimes, a motive shared by many others there. Strange promises Captain America it will not happen again but the heroes say it isn’t enough. Strange and the others are used to the suspicions of others and take off. Gaia appears to them in a vision in the sky, praising them for their actions to stop Yandroth and asking them to continue defending her by choice as they did in the past. The reunited Defenders arrive at their new headquarters at the Parrington mansion. Gaia appears in Nighthawk’s ring, offers special thanks and gives him the power to summon the Defenders from all over the world when there is need….

Matt Haley
Dan Panosian
Carlos Pacheco (Cover Penciler)
Jesus Merino (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Captain America
Captain America

(Steve Rogers)
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Patsy Walker)

(Kyle Richmond)

(Jennifer Walters)
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer

(Norrin Radd)

Plus: Ardina, Defenders, Gaia, Namorita, Papa Hagg, Red Raven, Valkyrie (Samantha Parrington).

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