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Solo Avengers #8: Review

Jul 1988
Tom DeFalco, M. D. Bright

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Blind Justice

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4 stars

Solo Avengers #8 Review by (March 29, 2022)

Review: A nice Hawkeye tale with an actual plot twist and a debate over crimefighting morality. We’ll see a little more next time of Blind Justice who doesn’t get much to do here other than outlining his character.

The Hank Pym story is forgettable but at least it isn’t all about him being miserable for beating his wife. The sentient aircraft is pretty cool though it complains too much.

Comments: First story: Part one of two. Jerome Hamilton was introduced in FANTASTIC FOUR #65-67; this is his first appearance as Blind Justice whose origin would be revealed many years later in MARVEL COMICS #1000. Second story: Rover first appeared in WEST COAST AVENGERS (Vol. 2) #22-23. Michael Stockton first appeared in MARVEL FEATURE #4, became Dr. Nemesis in MARVEL FEATURE #9-10 and was shrunk by Wasp in MICRONAUTS #42-43. One of the letters in the letter column is by T.E. Pouncey, future contributor to GEEKS OF DOOM and one by Dean Shomshak, future horror novelist and RPG writer. 


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Solo Avengers #8 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Clint Barton returns from his trip to Paris only to be punched in the face by his wife, Bobbi Morse for knocking her out and heading to Paris against her advice (issue #3). Clint goes to Francesi’s flower shop to buy a bouquet to make amends to the missus; a gang of masked punks walk in and start breaking things, intending to chase Francesi out of the neighborhood. Clint jumps in and fights them off until, distracted by the discovery that the gang leader is a teenager, he is thumped on the head. Francesi doesn’t want the police called so Clint plans to handle it as different way….

Later, Hawkeye and Mockingbird watch over Francesi’s shop from across the street and see a limo pull into the lot, with two goons bringing in the teenaged gang leader, Puentes. To their shock the heroes discover that Francesi is a gangster, running an extortion racket against local businesses and the teen gang was fighting against that. Suddenly, a masked man calling himself Blind Justice bursts in and, using an electro-shock gun, starts fighting the Francesi’s men, intending to kill the gang boss. Hawkeye and Mockingbird join in to battle the goons. Francesi flees, Blind Justice pursues, Hawkeye follows. Hawkeye catches up to the vigilante holding the gangster at his mercy. They debate the morality of justice until Francesi suffers a heart attack. Justice walks away and Hawkeye takes the stricken man to the hospital. When they learn he has died, Puentes cheers but Hawkeye is bummed. After they leave, a wreath is delivered to Francesi, courtesy of Blind Justice….

“Another Word for Revenge” 3/5
Writer: Mike W. Barr. Pencils: Larry Alexander. Inks: Jose Marzan Jr. Colors: Paul Becton. Letters: Jack Morelli.
Synopsis: Dr. Hank Pym arrives at police headquarters, parks his sentient aircraft Rover over the parking lot, hands over his miniaturized weapons to the desk guard, and sees Lt. Ishmael. The detective tells him of three robberies in the past week, each showing signs of having been committed either by a crook who could shrink or grow into a giant. Realizing that he is the chief suspect, Hank determines to capture the real robber. He puts together some new gadgets and puts out tracking devices while Rover complains and waits until one of the trackers goes off; they fly to the building and burst in, catching Doctor Nemesis in the act. Nemesis is an old enemy seeking revenge. They fight, Nemesis shrinks, Pym uses cybernetic feedback to force the bad guy back to size. Nemesis grows to giant size to fight Pym, Hank flies up on the villain’s back, cuts a hole in his shirt and uses his own powers to shrink him back to normal size and turns him over to the cops.

M. D. Bright
Jose Marzan Jr.
Janet Jackson
Kevin Nowlan (Cover Penciler)
Kevin Nowlan (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.


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(Clint Barton)

Plus: Blind Justice (Jerome Hamilton), Doctor Nemesis (Michael Stockton).

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