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Thor #5: Review

Feb 2015
Jason Aaron, Jorge Molina

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Behold, a New Age of Thunder

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4.5 stars

Thor #5 Review by (February 17, 2015)
Comments: Cul Borson was introduced in FEAR ITSELF as the evil Serpent, chief instigator of all the chaos therein. Thor’s list of suspected new Thors includes Freyja, Hildegarde, Brunnhilde, Idunn, Tarene, Jane Foster, Roz Solomon, Lorelei, Amora, Karnilla, Kelda, Tana Nile, Angela, and Loki. Loki?

Review: So the new Thor steps out in public for the first time and what happens? We get a flashback to 1968! First we have Thor clobbering the male chauvinist (absorbing) pig who makes fun of her, and then she has a “girls gotta stick together” moment with Titania. Then on the moon Freyja tells the sister to hang in there in standing up to the patriarchy. It’s a great girl power moment. The problem is that it skates kinda close to being defensive. Yeah, I know there are a lot of people complaining about the “new girl Thor” and maybe some of them are inveterate woman-haters but they are unlikely to be reading this comic book. If Marvel is going to argue that “girls can be heroes too” like no one has heard of Wonder Woman or any of the dozens who have followed in her wake, they could at least spread it out over several issues. Besides, if no one has accepted the newcomer as Thor in the first four issues—when even Thor Odinson has—verbal arguments won’t work. The other issue that has come up is: when did Odin become a bad guy? Not in the villain sense but back in the 60s and 70s he was a stern yet wise ruler whose worst failing was believing Loki’s lies. Now he is a sexist pig and total bonehead who must be tricked by everyone who wants to get their way. Wasn’t this character nobler at one time? The series is still very good but half a star off for the speechifyin’.


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Thor #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from Thor #5

Prologue: In Asgardia, Odin is outraged that a woman has dared steal Mjolnir while calling herself Thor and decides she must be punished. He searches for her via the Omni-Runes and sees her…


…in Times Square facing off against the Absorbing Man. Creel mocks the idea of a female Thor and tries to touch Mjolnir to absorb its power. Thor sends it spinning around his head, distracting him while she breaks his jaw with a punch. Creel’s wife Titania enters the field of battle and is surprised to see Thor is now a woman…so responds by knocking out her hubby. Titania announces she is standing down out of respect for a new female hero trying to succeed in the big boys league and allows herself to be knocked out and taken away to jail….


In Asgardia, Freyja and Thor arrive and attempt to defend the new Thor from Odin’s wrath but he won’t have it. Another surprise is in the works: Odin has made his brother Cul Borson his Royal Inquisitor and Minister of Justice, in the mistaken belief that Cul has reformed. Cul apologizes for having killed Thor and, on orders from the All-Father, imprisons the royal viziers for being unable to learn the identity of the new Thor. Old Thor seeks a means of warning his successor of the trouble brewing…


…he finds Sif in the Royal Dining Hall. The warrior lady holds a grudge after their split some time ago and is worried over the return of the All-Father. She has grown comfortable with an All-Mother in charge and fears for the future. When she realizes Thor is trying to find a way to learn if she is the new Thor, she dashes a drink in his face and storms out. Thor crosses her name off the list of suspects….


On the moon, new Thor, trying to unravel her own mystery, is discovered by Freyja. The All-Mother, also chafing in the male-dominated world, warns her of coming trouble and gives her blessing to the new wielder of Mjolnir, telling her to be worthy of the name of Thor….


A drunken Thor is wallowing in misery over what Nick Fury whispered to him that made him unworthy to be Thor. His friends help him home….


Epilogue: Odin, impatient with the failure of all of the standard methods to locate the new Thor, decides to call out the heavy hitter. He dispatches the Destroyer to recover the hammer—and the body of its thief….

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Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina
Jorge Molina
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)

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