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Thor #1: Review

Oct 2014
Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman

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If He Be Worthy

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5 stars

Thor #1 Review by (October 4, 2014)
Review: Well, this was a pleasant surprise! The talked-about comic introducing the new female Thor is much better than I expected! I’m no fan of Jason Aaron as I found his previous stories too dark and grim for my taste (I could never get into SCALPED). But this tale is utterly delightful: the suspenseful approach of the Giants. The tragedy of Thor’s loss weighing heavily on the proceedings. The constant bickering between Odin and Freyja arising from their established characters and the conflict of the situation rather than just silly comic relief. The battle between Thor and Malekith with the latter’s sardonic humor (which was transferred to Loki in the movies leaving Christopher Eccleston to be a grim nonentity). And the first sight of the new Thor that leaves us wanting more. All golden. And I am not familiar with the previous work of Russell Dauterman but his art is ideal for Thor not like the off-putting dark and murky art of Esad Ribic. Terrific all around! And there are the two unanswered questions to keep us on edge: a) what did Nick Fury whisper to Thor that he suddenly became unworthy and b) who is this new Thor? Kudos for avoiding the standard origin story which would likely have had us following a harried waitress around New York and see her come upon a magic hammer! PS Nice new logo with the head of Mjolnir forming the O and its handle being the crossbar in the H of THOR.

Comments: First (brief) appearance of the new female Thor; old Thor became unworthy in ORIGINAL SIN #7. The letters page contains only two very well-thought-out letters, against and for the new female Thor; Jason Aaron responds.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #1 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Image from Thor #1

Roxxon Seabase under the Norwegian Sea suddenly comes under attack from aquatic Frost Giants….

On the moon, Thor has been struggling for weeks, constantly trying to lift Mjolnir and always failing. His family and friends have gathered about him; Father Odin tries to bully him into standing up but he is ignored. Freyja has learned from Captain America that this is the result of something his enemy (Nick Fury) whispered to him; no one knows what it is and Thor will not reveal it. Neither Odin nor any other champion can lift the hammer either. Word comes that the Frost Giants have invaded Midgard; Thor heads to the Hall of Weapons to retrieve his ax Jarnborn, the weapon he carried before he was found worthy of Mjolnir and then goes to Earth….

The Dark Elf King Malekith magically appears in the seabase and informs the surviving explorers that they have something the Frost Giants want—and he kills each human who doesn’t know what he means…. Thor crashes into the lab and there ensues a furious battle between hero and villain, as the room fills with water. Malekith’s taunting distracts Thor long enough for the giants to seize him—and the Dark Elf uses Thor’s own ax to chop off his left arm. The villain takes what he came for and departs, thinking he has seen the last of Thor….

On the moon a female figure approaches Mjolnir and lifts it. The inscription now reads "If she be worthy…." She raises the hammer and there stands revealed the new Thor….

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Russell Dauterman
Russell Dauterman
Matthew Wilson
Russell Dauterman (Cover Penciler)
Russell Dauterman (Cover Inker)
Frank Martin (Cover Colorist)


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Captain America
Captain America

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(Jane Foster)

Warriors Three
Warriors Three

(Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg)

Plus: Frost Giants, Roxxon Corporation.

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