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Thor #11: Review

Mar 2019
Jason Aaron, Lee Garbett

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The Eve of War

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4 stars

Thor #11 Review by (March 20, 2019)

Review: The War of the Realms (both the event and the comic book series) begins next month and so Jason Aaron is putting everyone into place for issue #1. And as if in counterpoint to last issue's humiliating portrait of Odin, here we have the very-much-wise and strong Freyja assuring Thor (and the readers) that he is truly the only hero who can win this war because of his great heart, etc. Over the years I was getting tired of Aaron's unworthy Thor but now the real Thor, the guy who sustained over forty years of comic books with his nobility and heroism, is back and what happens next should be epic. All of a sudden, I'm excited!

Comments: The story of Erika the Red is from issue #7 of this book. Volstagg was brutally beaten by Mangog in THE MIGHTY THOR #701; Mjolnir was launched into the sun is issue #705. King Thor's defeat of Doom and his saving of Midgard was seen in issues #5-6 of this book.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #11 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor searches the interior of the sun, hoping to recover the lost Mjolnir; Freyja his mother advises him instead to prepare for the coming War of the Realms but Thor still depends on a mighty weapon to face the enemy when he invades Midgard. Freyja takes Thor on a journey through space to Earth; on the way she reminds him of his own greatness and tells him he already wields his greatest weapon (see below). On Earth they rescue the people of Hawaii from a massive tsunami and it's when Thor parts the waves to lead survivors to safety that Freyja tells us what Thor's greatest weapon is: his heart, and he will rescue Midgard. She ponder a moment from many centuries ago when Thor showed her the grave of Erika the Red, the human warrior woman he once loved, telling her he heeded her advice to find love, not worthiness.....

A flashforward: millennia from now, Thor's granddaughters the Goddesses of Thunder gather at his bedside as he recovers from having defeated Doom and saved Midgard. He is muttering about the War of the Realms and how Midgard will need all the gods it can get....

In the Bronx, the convalescent Volstagg is panicking from the call of the War Thor and Jane Foster must sedate him. Soon after, Jane receives the news from her doctor that her cancer is in remission....

Sif and Valkyrie duel with swords while discussing the fall of Vanaheim to Malekith's attacks....

Freyja and Balder the Brave await Thor's arrival at his boat where he promised to come after he regained control of Earth's weather. (Thori the murder dog is there.) But he hasn't come, while Odin broods on his throne....

In Jotunheim, Loki broods on his own uselessness and the failure of his scheme to defeat Malekith. He is resigned to meeting the fate he deserves—as Malekith's assassins enter the cave behind him....

Malekith stands at the portal from Svartalfheim to the other realms, rallying his hordes for the invasion of Midgard....

And Thor, again searching the sun, swears that Midgard will survive and if not, Thor will join Mjolnir in the fire—and as he heads for Earth, something moves in the flames behind him....

Lee Garbett
Lee Garbett
Antonio Fabela
Mike del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Goddesses of Thunder, Thori.

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