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Thor #8: Review

Dec 2018
Jason Aaron, Mike del Mundo

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Prison of Angels

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4 stars

Thor #8 Review by (December 19, 2018)

Review: So as we tiptoe toward the War of the Realms event (four months away! And I thought it had been going on for three years!) it looks like we'll be getting various vignettes moving us closer to d-day. So this issue was a surprise: it actually has a purpose—and I mean a purpose besides giving Mike Del Mundo something cool to draw in his inimitable style (like an all-white prison). After several years of Thor being unworthy and portrayed at times as a bit of a loser, we needed to be reminded that he is a hero and so that's what we get: a bona fide hero, doing what needs to be done to protect his people whether he feels fully worthy or not. It's about time the old Thor made his comeback, even if he is still a bit weepy-eyed over the loss of Mjolnir.

Comments: The events of AVENGERS (2018) #1-6 and INFINITY WARS (2018) are briefly mentioned. In place of the cover logo, there is a black banner that reads “Stan Lee, 1922-2018.” Issue includes a brief tribute to Stan.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #8 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Thor is being tortured both physically and mentally with incessant voices demanding he renounce Asgard and mocking him for losing his hammer....

Jane Foster goes to the hospital for her latest treatment accompanied by Thori, Thor's murder dog....

At Avengers Mountain, Black Panther and Iron Man are concerned about the whereabouts of Loki....

In Asgard, Odin is unable to sleep because of the incessant sounds of Screwbeard the Dwarf making hammers for Thor so the All-Father joins him, forging a few himself....

The Angels of Heven have captured Thor and Valkyrie and locked them in a dungeon where Thor is tortured. Thor finds himself in a white cell next to his sister Angela who is forced to levitate above flames for thirteen hours a day. Thor is in agony and finds his tiny fragment of Mjolnir is getting heavier so he asks his sister if he is still worthy. She postpones an answer until they are free as the ceiling of Thor's cell drops until he is nearly flat on the floor. Nearby Valkyrie is dodging flying swords. Thor explains that they came searching for Angela and have now discovered that Heven is allying itself with Malekith so they can now escape. Thor summons his allies: his goat, his dog, and Val's horse who smash through into the prison after battling Angels. A new hammer comes to Thor's hand and they easily capture the ship....

At the Bronx home for refugees from the War of the Realms, Lady Freyja talks with Jane Foster, Roz Solomon, and Angela about Thor. The God of Thunder is pushing himself beyond all his powers to stop Malekith and they are worried about him. Angela relates how Thor tore through the Angels aboard the prison ship, hooked the ship to his new hammer and sent it hurtling through space as another hammer appeared in his hand. Angela reveals she told him that if he is not worthy, what hope do the rest of them have? Thor then took off into the distance, mourning the loss of Mjolnir. They are interrupted by a knock at the door: Black Panther and Okoye offering ex-SHIELD Agent Roz Solomon the job of Agent of Wakanda....

Mike del Mundo
Mike del Mundo
Mike del Mundo
Mike del Mundo (Cover Penciler)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Inker)
Mike del Mundo (Cover Colorist)


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Black Panther
Black Panther


Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)

(Jane Foster)



Plus: Okoye, Roz Solomon, Thori.

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