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Thor #336: Review

Oct 1983
Alan Zelenetz, Herb Trimpe

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Of Gods and Men

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3 stars

Thor #336 Review by (August 31, 2020)

Review: The first story is rather lame, with Sif’s big announcement blown off twice by emergencies for Thor and Don, making her seem like a joke. And Captain Ultra is also made to look ridiculous, though that seems to be his reason to be in the comics but he comes across as a much less interesting Wonder Man which may be why he is forgotten these days. The second story has the meat of the issue, though with the odd structure of using flashbacks to bridge the gap from the first tale diffuses some of the effect. It takes Thor’s mother to treat Sif seriously though the whole issue looks like they didn’t know how to fill this last issue before Walt Simonson takes over so that’s why everything seems so scattershot. And the final oddity: Sif and Frigga look exactly alike, thanks to inker Vince Colletta, who is also responsible for absent backgrounds in many panels. Well, Walt’s up next and so is Beta Ray Bill!

Comments: Part three of three parts. Captain Ultra was introduced in FANTASTIC FOUR #177 and also appeared in DEFENDERS #62-64; after this he would appear intermittently for several decades. The John Shepp Aquarium is fictitious; this is its only appearance. The first story ends with a plug for MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #33 featuring Thor, which falls here chronologically. Issue includes an illustrated announcement that Walt Simonson will be taking over the book with the next issue. One of the letters on the letters page is by future comics creator Kyle Baker


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #336 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Captain Ultra, amateur superhero, has moved to Chicago as New York was too crowded with good guys for him to contribute. But here he is, swooping down and stopping signs from dropping on people….

Thor and Sif drop off Keith Kincaid and Jane Foster in New York and return to Chicago. Later that day, there is a boiler explosion at the aquarium, flooding the building. The emergency siren distracts Thor just as Sif is about to tell him she is going back to Asgard, with or without him. Captain Ultra arrives on the scene to handle what is essentially a plumbing problem (Ultra is plumber Griffin Gogol in real life) and he gets angry when Thor shows up, trying to steal his limelight. Ultra picks a fight which Thor easily wins and the Thunder God cleans up the mess while Ultra is taken away by the police. Thor and Sif return to Don’s apartment and again, just as she is about to reveal her news, Donald Blake is called away by an emergency….

“A Distant Music!”

Writer: Alan Zelenetz. Pencils: Ernie Chan. Inks: Vince Colletta. Colors: George Roussos.

Synopsis: After a boar hunt in Asgard, Sif seeks out Queen Frigga for some advice and sympathy. Sif relates how she finally told Donald Blake that she was returning to Asgard, with or without Thor but he said he couldn’t go. She stayed long enough for them to attend the wedding of Jane Foster and Keith Kincaid but as soon as it was over she announced she was leaving. She used her magic sword to step through onto the Rainbow Bridge, greeting her brother Heimdall. And now Frigga comforts her and tells her that Odin is also impatient for Thor to return to Asgard but counsels patience. Fandral then rides up and invites Sif to join him in fighting storm giants while Frigga wonders when Sif will be marrying Thor….

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Herb Trimpe
Herb Trimpe
George Roussos
Bob Layton (Cover Penciler)
Bob Layton (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)


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Plus: Captain Ultra (Griffin Gogol), Keith Kincaid.

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