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Thor #484: Review

Mar 1995
Roy Thomas, Sandu Florea

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The God In The War Machine

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4 stars

Thor #484 Review by (February 14, 2024)

Review: Another hero versus hero tale occupies this issue and it’s okay, the usual stuff going on with the “good” hero not wanting to hurt the “bad” hero and looking for a non-lethal means of victory. The choice of War Machine seems a bit random but that’s the way these things work, including WM being somehow able to deflect Mjolnir back at Thor. The most creative bit is Blitziana’s sudden glimpse of her former life; too bad this doesn’t have an interesting payoff as it isn’t mentioned again.

Comments: Part two of two parts. Title is a play on the philosophical concept of the God in the Machine. Or the God out of a Machine, the literal translation of Deus Ex Machina. Final appearance of the New Immortals, Nobilus, Juvan, and Zon, plus Count Tagar, as of 2023, though only in suspended animation.  


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Thor #484 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Atop a windy Mount Wundagore, Thor and Sif pledge their love. She speculates that her lack of mention in the Eddas, along with the Warriors Three and Beta Ray Bill, may mean that they will lead to Asgard’s victory on the coming day of Ragnarök. Meanwhile, Odin catches Heimdall, Beta Ray Bill, and the Grand Vizier watching the two lovers though a magic viewer, an act which he has expressly forbidden. He gives Sif his blessing for she has chosen Midgard and he vows to face Ragnarök alone. When the other pledge their fealty, Odin replies that all will desert him on that day, surprising them…. 

The High Evolutionary has decided to leave Wundagore in its war-torn land of the former Yugoslavia and return to New York City; the Godpack and Animutants are packing things up for the trip. Blitziana snipes at Sif, making comments to Jane Foster as well but Jane knows she never had a chance with Thor. Her son Jimmy Kincaid looks forward to returning home….

Thor and Sif fly to NYC to prepare for the others’ arrival. Thor once again assures her that there is nothing between him and Blitziana, describing the Godpack as difficult to handle and full of bitter anger as they do not know what they were before the HE had evolved them into Godlings, hoping that walking among humans may do them good. They arrive at a rooftop restaurant where Thor needs no reservation and they are given a table. Soon they are surrounded by fans and celebrity watchers. Then War Machine swoops down and strikes Thor a mighty blow, taking him by surprise. His second hit knocks Sif over the edge of the roof and she catches on and drops floor by floor to safety on the sidewalk. There she tries to evacuate the area lest anyone be harmed by falling debris while Thor faces his new enemy. Suspecting that this is an impostor in the War Machine armor, Thor puts his foe in a strong hold and WM reveals that he is Loki, having seized control of James Rhodes, seeking revenge now that Thor has broken their truce (last issue). Loki then gives Thor a choice: kill Rhodey or watch him destroy the city….

The High Evolutionary and companions are flying the Wundagore III to their new home; HE is treating the unconscious Count Tagar with bio-retardant rays. The ship hits and air pocket and the rays are deflected onto Blitziana, giving her a vision of her previous life: she was the girlfriend of a street punk named Billy; Billy was gunned down by an enemy called Bristle so she scooped up Billy’s automatic and shot Bristle in the back, killing him. She was apprehended by the police to face the penalty of the law. Blitz knows these are not visions but memoires that will haunt her….

Thor hurls Mjolnir at War Machine who charges it with his own power and deflects it back to its owner, causing injury. WM unleashes more and deadlier attacks on the Thunder God but is shaking, having trouble controlling his power. Thor seizes the advantage and delivers a powerful blow with Mjolnir which causes Loki to flee, leaving Thor to catch the plummeting hero. Thor discovers that Rhodey is unharmed and was fighting Loki’s control within. So, the heroes part, with Thor meditating on how he and Loki will both be doomed on the day of Ragnarök….

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Sandu Florea
Sandu Florea
Ovi Hondru
Steve Epting (Cover Penciler)
Steve Epting (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Phil Felix.


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(Loki Laufeyson)

War Machine
War Machine

(James Rhodes)

Plus: Godpack (Godlings), Jimmy Kincaid.

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