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Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4: Review

Oct 2019
?, Cafu

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The Sacred and the Profane Part IV

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4.5 stars

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4 Review by (April 28, 2020)
Review: High comedy was not what I was expecting with this series but that’s what we get. Yes, turning the fearsome Mephisto into the typical sardonic jokester like every other pop culture villain is pretty standard these days because that kind of baddie is popular, even when they all start to look alike. Anyway, the issue (besides Mephisto) is quite amusing with Mister Horse being responsible for much of the madness. And Doctor Strange can be funny too, not something we’re used to. Okay, okay, it’s all funny, even the baddies who come out of the mirror, like the bungling Demonicus. Next issue should be a hoot.

Comments: Mephisto has been confined to Hotel Inferno since DOCTOR STRANGE: DAMNATION; his pal Satannish is also an old Dr Strange villain. Annabelle Riggs was the alter ego of the former Valkyrie in FEARLESS DEFENDERS and ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Kaecilius was a villain from the 1960s STRANGE TALES days and is presumably being brought back as he was in the DOCTOR STRANGE movie; Adria and Demonicus are of similar vintage; the three were apprentices of Baron Mordo and were trapped in the Purple Dimension in DOCTOR STRANGE (1974 series) #56 in 1982. Jason Aaron and Al Ewing are co-writers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #4 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro
Some time before: Mephisto, exiled to Las Vegas by Doctor Strange, meets with his hireling Grim Reaper (Wonder Man’s brother, not the famous one). Meph explains the he signed a contract with Hela giving him ownership of the Disir, a troupe of undead Valkyries. But Meph added a loophole stating that if there are no Valkyries, his Disir become the Valkyries. After the War of the Realms, there are no more Valkyries so Grim Reaper, Mephisto’s Disir, will become Valkyrie as soon as he delivers a hero’s soul to Mephisto—and then they discover Jane Foster….
Jane Foster is trying to explain to her pal Lisa Halloran why she now owns a talking horse called Mister Horse and how she can’t pay the rent now that she has been demoted to morgue assistant. Lisa suggests they attend a lecture by archaeologist Dr. Annabelle Riggs whom Brunnhilde had suggested Jane seek out…
…and they arrive just as the lecture is finishing. Dr Riggs asks for questions and Doctor Strange rises to tell her about the purple mirror she has on the platform. Strange warns her that it will become dangerous in the next few minutes and he wants to take it back to the Sanctum Sanctorum until the threat is past. The mirror is made from one of the Gems of Aggamon and is actually a portal to the Purple Dimension—but Strange’s watch is fast and now the portal opens, releasing three Dr. Strange villains who had been imprisoned there, Kaecilius, Adria, and Demonicus. And then Valkyrie arrives to do battle and after some magical combat, the wall explodes and the Grim Reaper enters. Mephisto had told him that, since his hireling Bullseye failed to kill Val (issue #2) and Jane has yet to take a soul to Valhalla (Heimdall went elsewhere in issue #3), Reaper needs to either kill Val or bring Mephisto a hero’s soul—and absorbing Dr. Strange’s astral form into the purple mirror, the baddie decides to do both….

Jesus Aburtov
Mahmud Asrar (Cover Penciler)
Mahmud Asrar (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)

(Jane Foster)

Plus: Adria, Annabelle Riggs, Demonicus, Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Kaecilius.

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