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Valkyrie: Jane Foster #5: Review

Nov 2019
?, Cafu

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The Sacred and the Profane Conclusion

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4.5 stars

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #5 Review by (June 2, 2020)

Review: The cover is a bit misleading as it implies a hero dies, though to be fair, Dr Strange is “about to die” for most of the issue but doesn’t cross the finish line, like “mostly dead” equals “slightly alive.” Aside from that, the issue is pretty cool with a spectacular battle in the sky ending with a clever move on Jane’s part. The first arc closes on an upbeat note, sending the fledgling hero on her new course.

Comments: Annabelle Riggs was the alter ego of the previous Valkyrie. Jason Aaron and Al Ewing are co-writers.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #5 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Grim Reaper has trapped Doctor Strange’s astral form inside a magic mirror and Valkyrie (Jane F) is fighting him for it; she fires her All-Weapon at him but GR smashes it, causing it to blow back at her. The villain leaps astride a black Stallion of Hell to deliver Strange to his master Mephisto. Kaecilius takes the opportunity to vanish so Valkyrie Jane Foster summons Mister Horse but Dr. Annabelle Riggs stops her to express her disappointment at Brunnhilde’s replacement; Jane excuses herself and heads out in pursuit of the Grim Reaper. After she is gone, Lisa Halloran tells Riggs that Valkyrie met her on the worst day of her life and became her friend and emotional support and she will do no less as Valkuyrie. Lisa calls Damage Control and asks them to send the “Atomic Steed” (former vehicle of the Black Knight) and takes Riggs along to apologize in person….
Jane catches up with Grim Reaper as he is about to escape through a Hell-Gate in the sky above Manhattan. Horse takes on the black stallion and the two riders face each other in midair. The battle shows Jane that with Mephisto’s powers, Grim Reaper is faster and stronger than she is. Lisa and Riggs arrive to lend a hand with the Atomic Steed’s weapons and Riggs apologizes to Valkyrie, telling her to not fight like a super-hero. Jane catches on—realizing that Grim Reaper sees himself as a hero, intending to raise his brother from the dead, and if he is a dead hero, she knows where dead heroes go. Jane seizes the villain and drags him, protesting, into Valhalla. Brunnhilda is a bit skeptical of this new arrival but Skurge takes GR under his wing to show him around. And watching from Hell, Mephisto swears revenge. Jane returns to the college with the magic mirror and Strange’s soul is reunited with his body; he thanks her, while also letting on he knows she is Jane Foster….

So Jane heads into her new life, tending to the living as a doctor, ministering unto the dead in the morgue, and fighting for both as the Valkyrie….

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Jesus Aburtov
Mahmud Asrar (Cover Penciler)
Mahmud Asrar (Cover Inker)
Matthew Wilson (Cover Colorist)


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)


(Jane Foster)

Plus: Annabelle Riggs, Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Kaecilius.

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