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Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12: Review

Sep 1986
Steve Englehart, Richard Howell

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Double-Sized Climax!

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4.5 stars

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 Review by (January 24, 2023)

Review: And so the miniseries ends along with the pregnancy and we have two babies to coo over because we don’t yet know what their future is (spoiler: it’s dark). The baby parts of the story are the best. The supporting cast has a few moments, good and bad. (Dr. Strange: Good, saving Earth.) (Crystal: Bad, plotting adultery.) Magneto mopes about his daughter issues. Wonder Man shows off his ugly new outfit. The villains are rather weak though they serve their purpose of having action to cut back to while Wanda is in labor. If only that intro with Nekra didn’t go on forever…but what would they have replaced it with? More Crystal and Norm? Glamor and Illusion? Brady Kent proves to be a worthless bad guy, pretending to be Rambo but unable to hurt anyone even with a huge cache of arms. But the babies are here and we can all relax while waiting for the next crisis.

Comments: Double-sized issue which provides the title with a double-sized pun. First appearance of Billy and Tommy, of course. Glamor and Illusion’s next and final appearances are in WITCHES #1 and 2 in 2004. Grim Reaper died in issue #2 of the present miniseries; he returns in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #46, then appears in several AVENGERS WEST COAST issues, starting at #61. Nekra next appears in WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #46, with a nice cover portrait. Sole appearance of Brady Kent, though. Ditto Dr. Strange’s enemy Colabrun. Wonder Man’s ugly costume debuted in WEST COAST AVENGERS #12. Norman Webster’s next and final appearance is in FANTASTIC FOUR #311. Oh and Vision and the twins next appear in WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL #1, without the Scarlet Witch.

The Craziest Thing: I read this comic to write up while awaiting word of my daughter giving birth to her first child. So I was reading about people waiting for a baby to be born while waiting for a baby to be born.

The good part is, there was no heroes versus villains battle in the parking lot here that night.

Even better news: My grandson is not likely to be a sliver of the devil's soul.  


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Scarlet Witch and Vision are visiting their friends the Zarkovs a/k/a magicians Glamor and Illusion and talking about Wanda’s impending delivery date. Suddenly, Wanda has a premonition that the baby will be born that evening and that it will be a boy….

In a dark cave, Nekra, Priestess of the Dark Arts, complete a ceremony that raises her lover, the Grim Reaper, from the dead, as he slowly returns to normal, confused and unaware that he had been dead….

Wanda and Vision return home and Vision’s “brother,” Simon Williams a/k/a Wonder Man shows up for a visit. Then Wanda asks Vision to call Dr. Marino and Simon regrets his bad timing….

Nekra unveils for Grim Reaper something he had requested: a corpse resembling Simon Williams to be filled with Vision’s and Wonder Man’s minds so that Black Talon could raise it to become GR’s lost brother. Nekra knows the corpse was once Brady Kent, a gangland hitman, and when she raises him, he will not know that he is dead….

Vision and Simon rush Wanda to the hospital where she is surprised to discover fans have gathered. She remembers that Holly LaDonna was supposed to come over that evening for a lesson so Simon offers to fly back to the house to tell her, ecstatic that he can help his good friends….

Doctor Strange is in an alternate dimension, battling a wizard called Colabrun who threatens the Earth; Strange tricks him, sending his foe into the Dimension of No Return. Tired, Strange returns home only to have Wong tell him that the Scarlet Witch will give birth that night. He heads to the hospital….

The three villains, Nekra, Grim Reaper, and Kent, visit a gun shop where Kent collects all the weapons he needs. As they turn to leave, the proprietor pulls out his own gun and shoots Nekra in the back; the witch, spewing hatred, breaks the man’s neck. Grim Reaper realizes he has found his soulmate….

Norm Webster looks at Wanda and Vision’s empty house, dreaming of Crystal. Suddenly, she is behind him and he confesses her love for her. She reveals that she has been deserted by her husband Quicksilver and if he does not return soon, the royal family will grant her a divorce and after that they can resume their relationship….

At the hospital, Wanda is placed in a large and comfortable room. Dr. Strange and Dr. Josie Marino concur that the birth would be in about an hour….

At Wanda’s home, Wonder Man brings Holly up to date on the situation. Holly’s mother takes time to tell Simon that she and her husband love having the two ex-Avengers living among them. Holly and her mom drive over to the hospital. Simon is surprised to see Magneto at Wanda’s house. Suspicious, Simon stands up to the villain, who calmy wraps Simon in a streetlamp, telling him he felt a tremor in magnetic field and hurried over, fearing a threat to his daughter and her baby. He and Simon fly to the hospital where Wanda is going into labor. Outside, Wonder Man and Magneto see the three villains lurking outside. Battle ensues while inside the hospital, Wanda and Vision’s son is born. And then the two doctors discover a second baby on its way, despite Strange having told them there was only one baby, which even their instruments confirm. Nevertheless….

Outside, the fight is a stalemate because Simon’s ionic energy interferes with Magneto’s powers.  Simon spots a bullet hole in GR’s back and realizes his brother is a zombie, which Eric (Grim Reaper) stoutly denies. Magneto forces GR to cut into his arm with his scythe and GR is shocked to discover he doesn’t bleed. Angered, the Reaper seizes Nekra, accusing her of lying to him, she withdraws her power and he decays before their eyes and Nekra, drained of her power, also collapses. At the same time, Wanda delivers another baby boy. A noise outside draws the attention of Drs. Strange and Marino and they see Simon and Magneto making short work of Brady Kent but they don’t tell the proud parents….

Three days later, the babies are home where Mrs. Williams, Vision’s “mother,” is delighted at having grandsons. The boys will be named Tommy (after Vision’s “creator,” Phineas T. Horton) and Billy, a link to the Williams family. Magneto notices that both names come from Vision’s side of the family and realizes he is not yet accepted by his daughter. Everyone has their thoughts and the story ends with the babies having the last word: “Waaaa!”  

Richard Howell
Frank Springer
Petra Goldberg
Richard Howell (Cover Penciler)
Joe Sinnott (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Bill Oakley.


Listed in Alphabetical Order.

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

(Stephen Strange)
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch

(Wanda Maximoff)

Plus: Glamor (Glynis Zarkov), Grim Reaper (Eric Williams), Illusion (Ilya Zarkov), Nekra (Nekra Sinclair).

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