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Warlock and the Infinity Watch #30: Review

Jul 1994
Jim Starlin, Patrick Olliffe

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The dilemma

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4 stars

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #30 Review by (September 2, 2023)
Dr Strange is missing because he's been hiding in another dimension since he appeared to die in DrS Sorcerer Supreme #61. He can only risk appearing on Earth in astral form.

He didn't exactly hand over all his Earthly affairs to Dr Druid. In fact he has created 2 simulacra Strange and Dr Vincent Stevens to carry out tasks for him. But he *has* given responsibility for running Secret Defenders teams to Druid since SecDef#15.

Druid's app here lies between his 1st mission in SecDef#15-17 and the 2nd in #18-19.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #30 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Infinity Watch have just found their leader Adam Warlock in a passionate clinch with the mysterious Maya Teraxtola. Gamora pulls her away while Drax restrains Adam as they both profess their profound love, despite having only just met. Moondragon realises that the wine Maya brought which they have obviously just drunk must have been a love potion. In #28 she put it through a scanner for poison, but she now figures it must be a mystic not scientific potion. It must be part of Count Abyss' scheme to get hold of Warlock's Soul Gem.

Gamora tries to attack Maya with a dagger but Heather Douglas telekinetically takes it off her and tells her to calm her jealous rage, which the green alien again denies. Moonie points out that Maya is as much enthralled by lust as Adam, so she too is a victim of Count Abyss. She intends to seek a cure for the potion but 1st she must bring Warlock to his senses. Even her Mind Gem can't affect him so she uses the traditional method of a slap on the face. This enables him to gain enough control to suggest she contact Dr Strange.

Abyss is watching from his fortress in the Egolix-7 dimension. Maya told Adam last issue that the Count did send her to Earth but she spun him a line about wanting him to help her resistance group. Before they shared the wine she drank something that Abyss had told her would protect her from the potion. But he'd lied. Now he gloats that there *is* no cure, but he will promise 1 to Warlock in exchange for the Soul Gem. Also to gain home advantage he'll lure the Watch to his dimension. To that end he sends a horde of his demonic minions through a portal to Monster Island.

Back there Moondragon has found Dr Strange unavailable and Dr Druid handling his affairs (see Secret Defenders #15). Druid has come to the Watch's castle but finds that he can't undo the effects of the potion, and doubts that any mystic in this reality can. Then he leaves.

MD states the obvious, that Abyss will use Adam's love for Maya against him. Gamora states the obvious solution, kill Maya. Warlock refuses to countenance that and stalks out. Heather points out to Gamora that Adam obviously *really* loves the woman, and Gamora curses in frustration. Meanwhile Adam broods alone.  He's ignored 'romance' since his original infatuation with Sif (as Him in Thor#165-166). And now the master manipulator feels manipulated himself. He struggles to maintain a grip on his sanity.

But his agonised musing is interrupted by the arrival of Abyss' demons. The Watch try to prevent them from reaching Maya. Gamora too has been off alone but she returns to see the battle in progress. She contemplates letting the demons take Maya, hoping that Adam will forget her and possibly look at *her* differently. But then she reckons that he'd just pine after Maya so she joins in the fight. Maya herself realises she doesn't know what Abyss is really planning. She now thinks she's better off here with the Watch (but that may be her love for Adam talking) but she can't the Dance Of Reality (that we saw last issue) against the demons without harming the Watch members as well. Pip pops by to promise to save her and suggests they get together afterwards. Then he pops off to get his spiked mace with which he bashes demon heads. Everyone else is doing well too, and her hopes start to rise.

But then Count Abyss portals in to whisk her away. The lovers are distraught to be parted. But Warlock recovers enough to tell the others he's going after Maya. They somewhat reluctantly agree to come with him, but Moonstone points out that they don't know where to go. Adam replies that they need to find out all they can about their foe.

Patrick Olliffe
Patrick Olliffe
Ian Laughlin
Patrick Olliffe (Cover Penciler)
Patrick Olliffe (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: Jack Morelli.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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Doctor Druid
Doctor Druid

(Doctor Droom)

(Drax the Destroyer)

Plus: Count Abyss, Infinity Watch, Maxam, Maya Teraxtola.

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