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Warlock and the Infinity Watch #32: Review

Sep 1994
Richard Ashford, Patrick Olliffe

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Heart and soul

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4 stars

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #32 Review by (September 9, 2023)
With the departure of writer Jim Starlin, Richard Ashford steps in for 1 issue to continue the story.

The lettering is just credited to Many Hands.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Warlock and the Infinity Watch #32 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
Last issue the Infinity Watch teleported to the Egolix-7 dimension to rescue Maya Teraxtola from Count Abyss. They were relying on the element of surprise, but then realised someone had found them.

Now they start to attack the other guy but Adam Warlock tries to stop them because he recognises him. The mage easily  fends off their attacks and introduces himself as Darklore (who Adam met with his diminutive 'familiar' Meer'lyn in Warlock Chronicles #1).

In #29 the Count tricked both Adam and Maya into drinking a mystic love potion with no known antidote. Abyss wants Warlock's Soul Gem and he expects Adam to give it to him in exchange for Maya. Now in his fortress he taunts her over her love and stops her from committing suicide to save Adam from his fate.

Outside everyone is reconciled and Warlock proposes multiple assaults in pairs. Meer'lyn insists on staying with Darklore to attack their ancient foe Abyss directly. Adam tells Pip The Troll and Drax The Destroyer to tackle the Count's demons. He suggests Gamora pairing with Maxam but she objects because of her deep distrust of the man. So Moondragon offers to go with Max to search for Maya. That leaves Gamora to pair with Adam.

Meanwhile Count Abyss has descended to where he keeps the 'god' Zalkor. In exchange for some addictive Skrimblatt the omnipotent deity grants his Kalorian extra abilities to overcome the invaders.

Drax and Pip are chasing demons when they run into the Count himself. Pip sends Drax into battle but he's held back by a continuous blast from the foe. But this blast has an added property that causes Drax' Power Gem to go in reverse gear so that it consumes his strength. Then Pip tries to teleport away but Abyss causes *his* Space Gem to transport him in pieces (and then returns him whole but shell-shocked).

Meanwhile Darklore and Meer'lyn have found another version of Count Abyss in his personal quarters with a sumptuous feast laid out. The villain invites them to eat and says he has no quarrel with them. But Darklore says he's been watching the Count's evil deeds from a nearby dimension and he has found some mystic talismans which should be enough to kill him. He blasts but Abyss blasts back. While the big guys keep each other busy little Meer'lyn flies in to strike with the actual talismans, but Abyss crushes her like a bug. And now we learn that his familiar was all that kept Darklore's mystic energies under control, and now they rise up within him threatening to destroy him.

And in another meanwhile Moondragon indulges in a battle of minds with another Count Abyss while Maxam watches. It's stalemate but Abyss infiltrates a thought into Heather Douglas' mind to suggest that he's only toying with her. As her self-confidence falters the Count encases her head in blackness. So Max bulks up to attack. But Abyss just touches his face and invades his mind where he uncovers the future man's secret origin ... but then wipes Max's mind clean.

Warlock confronts a last Abyss with Maya while Gamora stays in the shadows. Adam hurls insults at the enemy who just shrugs them off. Gamora was supposed to take Maya away while the men faced off, but instead she can't resist the chance to just stab the foe. However Abyss turns *her* Time Gem against her to freeze her in time. Enraged Warlock wades in with his fists but Abyss beats him while spouting the usual villainous rant, and then plucks the Soul Gem from his brow.

The villain stands triumphant while everyone else sinks into despair.

Patrick Olliffe
Keith Williams
Ian Laughlin
Patrick Olliffe (Cover Penciler)
Patrick Olliffe (Cover Inker)
? (Cover Colorist)
Letterer: ?.
Editor: Craig Anderson. Editor-in-chief: Tom DeFalco.


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(Drax the Destroyer)

Plus: Count Abyss, Darklore, Infinity Watch, Maxam, Maya Teraxtola, Meer'lyn.

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