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What If #12: Review

Dec 1978
Don Glut, Sal Buscema

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What If Rick Jones Had Become The Hulk?

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5 stars


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What If #12 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
In Incredible Hulk #1, Bruce Banner throws Rick Jones into a protective trench just before the gamma bomb blast and subsequently becoming the Hulk. But what if Rick threw Bruce and was bombarded with the gamma radiation?

Rick becomes a savage Hulk who talks like a teenager. After being spotted by soldiers, he leaps away. Bruce eventually found him. The Hulk tried to attack him but the sun rose and he turned back into Rick. To keep the Hulk trapped, Rick was placed just before nightfall into a highly durable bomb shelter, while Bruce continued his work on a cure. Loki discovered that Rick was the Hulk and used him to battle Thor. But the thunder god learned about Loki's scheme and defeated his evil brother. Afterwards, Thor, the Hulk, Giant Man, Iron Man, and the Wasp became a team called the Avengers. But the Hulk did not remain for too long. Then, Bruce Banner blasted Rick with gamma rays and seemingly cured him from becoming Jade Jaws. Time passed and Jones lived an ordinary life. But suddenly he sees how Captain America is about to be killed by members of Hydra. Rick helps the Captain and in gratefulness, he trains Rick to become his partner. In a fight against Hydra, Rick turns into the Hulk again. Captain America convinced Jade Jaws to stop or he may kill the villains. As a result, the Hulk leaves him. Later, Rick placed the Nega-Bands on his wrists, causing Captain Marvel to return to Earth from the Negative Zone, while Rick was sent to the that Zone. They seemed pleased by doing this. Later, Rick meets Annihilus in the Negative Zone. The Supreme Intelligence helps Rick by untapping his mental abilities. Rick was able to suppress his transformation into the Hulk now. Eventually, Rick and Captain Marvel free themselves from switching places in the Negative Zone. With the Supreme Intelligence's assistance, Rick used his mental abilities to play an important role in the Kree/Skrull War. But because of this, his life force started to decrease. To save him, Captain Marvel merged with Rick Jones, and they were forced to switch places in the Negative Zone again. Later, Rick began his singing career and met a girl, Lou Ann. She asked Bruce Banner to free Rick from Marvel. Bruce contacted Reed Richards to locate Rick in the Negative Zone. Meanwhile, Annihilus attacked Rick. And Captain Marvel was unconscious on Earth due to a deadly gas. Rick turned into the Hulk and faced Annihilus. Bruce used his gammatron and separated the Hulk and Rick into two separate beings. Then, Reed freed Rick from the Negative Zone and the Hulk caused Annihilus to be destroyed. Captain Marvel was cured by Bruce, who then resumed his research. And the Hulk stayed happy in the Negative Zone having the attention from the other beings of that Zone who he had freed from Annihilus' dictatorship.

Sal Buscema
Bill Black
Sal Buscema (Cover Penciler)


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Iron Man
Iron Man

(Tony Stark)


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