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What If #31: Review

Feb 1982
Rich Margopoulos, Bob Budiansky

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What If Wolverine Had Killed The Hulk?

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3 stars


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What If #31 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
TIH #181: After the Hulk and Wolverine defeated the Wendigo, Wolverine attacked the Hulk. Focusing all of his attacks on the Hulk's neck, Wolverine was able to kill the Hulk. Later, Wolverine accidentally kills a civilian in a bar room fight. Escaping from the police, he is invited by Magneto to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Logan accepts since he thinks had no other option. Following Magneto's plan, Wolverine infiltrated the X-Men to gain their trust. After doing so, he disbanded Cerebro so the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants could attack Professor X's mansion. But Wolverine started to fall in love with Jean Gray. Wolverine asked Magneto no to harm her. But as the attack took place, Jean Gray was attacked too. Wolverine changed his mind about the Brotherhood and join forces with the X-Men, defeated the Brotherhood. With only Magneto standing, Wolverine was able to deadly stab the metal master. But right before his death, Magneto controlled Wolverine's claws so Wolvie stabbed himself onto his own throat, and died.

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Bob Budiansky
Mickey Demeo
Bob Budiansky (Cover Penciler)


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(James Howlett)

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