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What If #78: Review

Oct 1995
Chuck Dixon, Quique Alcatena

What If #78 cover

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What If The New Fantastic Four Remained Together?

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4 stars

What If #78 Review by (February 15, 2010)
Beautiful cover and interior art (by Argentinean Quique Alcatena) when the majority of Marvels were of very poor quality, especially for What If?, a title that was weak for most of its second run.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

What If #78 Synopsis by Peter Kowalchick
Patterned after the events of Fantastic Four #347-349, but in this instance the original FF are slain by a female Skrull posing as the Invisible Woman. Hulk, Wolverine, and Spiderman replay the events of the past few days while they talk at the closing of the FF funeral. In the background are Namor, Franklin Richards and Agatha Harkness. Ghost Rider confronts the 3 other heroes stating that the FF were the Earths first line of defense against extraterrestial foes and they must fill the void left by the FFs deaths. They agree and move into Four Freedoms Plaza. Spiderman tries to figure out the genius of Reed Richards machinery while Mary Jane samples an old FF uniform. The New FF has its first successes, while being observed by Dr. Doom, and as a team confront Spider-Mans Sinister Six, soundly routing them. The New FF is starting to become a family as well as a team. Mary Jane is confronted un a unidentified assailant while the New FF discuss the business of paying the rent and their team/family dynamics. Their meeting is interrupted by a hole in the wall made by the Abomination and Lady Deathstrike After some skimishing, a Kree agent, and a Skrull with MJ under his arm appear as Dan Ketch becomes Ghost Rider. The Kree, Skrull, Lady Deathstrike and the Abomination manage to eject the Hulk and subdue the others. Mary Jane cradles Spiderman as the villains move in. Dr. Doom then appears incinerating the four villains saying that only he may destroy the FF. The New FF agrees to disband amid the destruction of Four Freedoms Plaza.

What If #78 cover

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Quique Alcatena
Tom Smith


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Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

(Johnny Blaze)

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