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Age of Ultron #7: Review

May 2013
Brian Michael Bendis, Carlos Pacheco

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4.5 stars

Age of Ultron #7 Review by (May 5, 2013)
The art gets split again. Carlos Pacheco, Roger Martinez and Jose Villarubia do the past again, for the short opening sequence. Brandon Peterson and Paul Mounts this time do the alternate present. In #5 Nick Fury said he built the Antarctic base after Secret Invasion. But last issue we saw it was there back in the early days of the Avengers, as it is in this issue. I don't believe Logan and Sue actually needed that to be true in order to use Dr Doom's time platform. But it was necessary in order for them to 'borrow' Fury's aircar. Speaking of Fury, where's Nick when our duo return to the Savage Land? He didn't have his car to fly home in. And he was supposed to be keeping this base secret from SHIELD, so it would be unfortunate if he had to call in to be picked up. We see some more stuff in Fury's trophy case. As well as the Ultimate Nullifier in #5, there's Prester John's Evil Eye, the Zodiac Key, the original helmet of Power version of the Serpent Crown, a (probably Cosmic) Cube, and 6 (probably Infinity) Gems. There's also a vial which could contain, say, the Super-Soldier serum (or maybe just Nick's Infinity Formula). And a book which could be, say, the Darkhold. The Kree/Skrull War happened in the classic Avengers (1963) #89-97. Exactly why the absence of Hank Pym meant that the Avengers didn't stop it from reaching Earth we may discover in later issues. But the Vision played a big part in that story, and without Ultron he wouldn't exist.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Age of Ultron #7 Synopsis by Rob Johnson
The Age of Ultron is over. Last issue Wolverine and Invisible Woman went back in time, and Wolvie killed Henry Pym before he invented Ultron. Now we'll see what kind of world they have created.

They return to the Savage Land in the flying car they stole from Nick Fury. Logan hides it so that they can hopefully retrieve it in the future. Then they enter Fury's secret base and ride Dr Doom's time platform back to the present.

They find that now the Savage Land is a graveyard of alien spaceships. Sue recognises Skrull and Kree craft, and figures the Kree/Skrull War must have reached Earth, because the Avengers didn't stop it in this timeline. They also overhear some armoured soldiers who refer to themselves as StarkGuard.

The duo do find the flying car where they hid it and fly to New York, which they find guarded by several helicarriers, markedly different from the SHIELD one they're used to. The car is immediately fired on, and they bail out via Invisible Woman's force-field chute.

On the ground they are attacked by a group calling themselves the Defenders. Dr Strange leads Hulk, Star-Lord, Thing (his skin pockmarked with craters) and another Wolverine (in a different one of Wolvie's uniforms, so we can tell which is which), plus Wasp in a Captain Marvel uniform, Colonel America with Nick Fury's eyepatch, and a guy called Cable with a (one-eyed) visor and first name Scott (i.e. presumably this reality's version of Cyclops) who seems to be in a relationship with Jan.

Ben Grimm recognises Suzie, but it appears that Reed and Sue Richards have been off in space for years. This Wolverine is confused to sense that his lookalike really is him. The others think the interlopers are Skrulls, or some other kind of bad guys.

Sue repels them all with her forcefield, and she and Logan escape before Dr Strange can use magic to find out who or what they are. But this reality's Wolverine tracks them down. And after a fight they are KO'd.

Steve's Strange and Rogers argue about whether to report this to someone (Colonel America is against it), when that someone makes the point moot by arriving with a troop of robots. It's this reality's Iron Man.

Carlos Pacheco
Brandon Peterson
Paul Mounts
Brandon Peterson (Cover Penciler)
Brandon Peterson (Cover Inker)
Letterer: Cory Petit.
Editor: Lauren Sankovitch.


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Captain America
Captain America

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Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange

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Invisible Woman
Invisible Woman

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Iron Man
Iron Man

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Plus: Defenders.

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