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Immortal Hulk #3: Review

Jul 2018
Al Ewing, Joe Bennett

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3.5 stars

Immortal Hulk #3 Review by (July 18, 2018)

Review: Ah, RASHOMON, that classic Japanese film where several witnesses to an incident tell conflicting stories and in the end they can't be reconciled. Many other tales have copied this story structure with varying degrees of success often finding a way to bring them together (unlike the original). This effort comes out in the middle, the stories themselves not conflicting, just the characters' reactions to it. The story itself is clear and unambiguous; it's the matter-of-fact cop, the starry-eyed old lady, the tormented priest, and the slacker bartender whose varying accounts provide the discordance such a tale involves. As such they tend to distract a bit from the story's purpose in recalling RASHOMON in the first place. The use of different artists to depict each witness's point of view is a brilliant idea, making the whole more enjoyable than it could have been.

Comments: Art credits: The framing sequence by Joe Bennett and Ruy Jose. The Cop's Story: Leonardo Romero. The Bartender's Story: Paul Hornschemeier. The Old Lady's Story: Marguerite Sauvage. The Priest's Story: Garry Brown. Louis “Hotshot” Lembert and Jess “Jailbait” Harrison were given their powers by the Leader and inducted into the Riot Squad in INCREDIBLE HULK #345 in 1988.


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Immortal Hulk #3 Synopsis by Peter Silvestro

Reporter Jackie McGee interviews the witnesses to an incident on Mercer Avenue in a small South Dakota town. The Cop relates how he and a partner were called to a hostage situation at the church on Mercer Avenue and ended up facing Hotshot, a villain who could shoot deadly energy bolts from his hands. The Bartender describes turning the mystery man (we know he's Bruce Banner) away from the bar when the news about the hostage situation came on television; Banner picked up a knife and rushed out. The Old Lady, hostage in the church, thought Hotshot looked like James Dean, a tragic romantic pleading for the Priest to give his girlfriend the last rites. The Priest makes clear that Hotshot was begging for him to exorcise his girlfriend, possessed by the One Below. The Priest prayed for deliverance from this increasingly distraught young man—and his prayer was answered. Hulk came crashing through a stained glass window and confronted Hotshot, breaking his hands. Hotshot, even with his hands mangled, could blow a hole through Hulk—a hole which healed itself within seconds, leading Hotshot (and the Priest) to call Hulk the One Below, the Devil himself. Hulk agreed—and clobbered the punk. Later, the Priest joined the cops as they went to Hotshot's motel room, where they found his girlfriend Jailbait, dead, tied to a chair and smiling with her head twisted around. The Priest hasn't been able to pray since. The Old Lady visited Hotshot in the containment center, where he insisted his girl was alive when he left. Later he hanged himself in his cell. The bartender mentions how he left work later to find the Hulk had smashed his car, leaving him angry....

Jackie tries to put together the details, wanting to understand why this has been classed as an “unconfirmed” Hulk sighting—and who is that mystery man who is near every Hulk sighting? Jackie receives a call from Walter Langkowski of Alpha Flight who wants to find Bruce Banner, needing his help with something, as the shadow of Sasquatch looms above....

Joe Bennett
Ruy Jose
Paul Mounts
Alex Ross (Cover Penciler)
Alex Ross (Cover Inker)
Alex Ross (Cover Colorist)


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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner

(Robert Bruce Banner)

(Bruce Banner)
Jackie McGee
Jackie McGee

(Jacqueline McGee)

(Walter Langkowski)

Plus: Hotshot (Louis Lembert), Jailbait (Jess Harrison).

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