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Incredible Hulk #349: Review

Nov 1988
Peter David, Jeff Purves

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4 stars


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Incredible Hulk #349 Synopsis by Corey McMahon
It starts off with Alpha, Charlie, Spider-Man, and The Hulk (AKA Mr. Fixit). The Hulk is complaining that Charlie is the one who hurt Marlo (Hulk's girlfriend). Spider-Man seems to be very confused. Anyways, Alpha explains that he wants to kill Charlie (who by the way is a woman), and Fixit says it's alright with him. Spider-Man, of course, tries to stop Alpha by spraying some web at him. The Hulk doesn't like that idea, so he blocks the webbing from hitting Alpha. While busy with that, Spider-Man throws a tracer onto Alpha and follows him. While Alpha is shooting hundreds of rounds of ammo at Charlie, (who I still can't believe is a girl), Delta is watching from a building and then Bravo blasts him right in the gut with his bazooka. Spider-Man is seeing this when Mr.Fixit returns to stop him from stopping Alpha. It then flashes to Las Vegas, where "Tony" is speaking of his plan to get back at Berengetti. Then Berengetti comes in the room and tells Tony that he is dissatisfied with his progress. Berengetti's guard then blast Tony in the gut with a Pistol. Once again, it goes back to Hulk and Spider-Man. While this is happening, Delta is still running from Bravo. Alpha finally killed Charlie, and Spider-Man is right there with Fixit (they stopped fighting, too). Spider-Man goes off to avenge Charlie's death, the Hulk just leaps away. Delta and Bravo still are fighting, in the desert though. Alpha is sitting on the top of a sign when Spidey swings down and pushes him off the building. A crowd has surrounded Charlie, who just stands up. The Hulk lands next to her, and tells her to cough it up. Spidey is starting to loose the fight between him and Charlie and is about to be shot when the Hulk jumps in and BREAKS ALPHAS ARMS OFF! The Hulk helps Spidey with a falling sign and explains that every year, these four Cyborgs fight for a medallion which gives them better fighting ability. The Hulk leaps into his apartment to only find Dr. Doom! (By the way, Bravo wins the Medallion).

Story continues in FANTASTIC FOUR 320.

Jeff Purves
Terry Austin
Jeff Purves (Cover Penciler)

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