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Incredible Hulk #350: Review

Dec 1988
Peter David, Jeff Purves

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Before The Fall

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #350 Review by (February 15, 2010)
This story picks up where Fantastic Four #320 left off, and continues in the Avengers Annual #17.


Synopsis / Summary / Plot

Incredible Hulk #350 Synopsis by Miguel Cruz
Story continues from FANTASTIC FOUR #320

The Thing and the Hulk have been duking it out in New York City. The Thing has just vanquished the Hulk, whom he is unaware is the Hulk, when he comes face to face with the green skinned less intelligent Hulk. The Thing who has been wanting to brawl with the Hulk for quite some time, fights the green Hulk believing him to be the real one. The diversion allows the real Hulk to collect himself. Doctor Doom explains to the gray Hulk that the green Hulk is actually a robot of unknown origin which he salvaged after the Eternals defeated it. Dr. Doom apologizes for having miscalculated that, in his current incarnation, the weaker Hulk would never be able to increase his strength to the level needed to fight the Thing before the Thing would defeat him. This only galvanizes the Hulk who wants to try again. By this time, the Thing has discovered the green Hulk's true nature and has ripped it apart. The real Hulk changes his strategy on his second go-round with the Thing. He uses guerilla style tactics, hiding and attacking then escaping to hide again. The Thing while stronger than the Hulk doesn't have the endurance or the speed to keep up. The Hulk uses this pattern to eventually wear the Thing down. The Thing only discovers who his enemy really is just before the Hulk delivers the knock-out punch. Dr. Doom, impressed with the Hulk's performance, bids farewell with the promise to call on the Hulk for assistance when he retakes Latveria. The Hulk decides to check in on the Avengers mansion before returning to Vegas only to discover that it's gone. He meets up with the Beast who explains that the Avengers are being called on for some major emergency. The Beast blackmails the Hulk into helping him in exchange for not telling the Avengers that the Hulk is still alive.

Jeff Purves
Terry Austin
Jeff Purves (Cover Penciler)


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Doctor Doom
Doctor Doom

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Gray Hulk


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