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Incredible Hulk #107: Review

Jun 2007
Greg Pak, Gary Frank

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World War Hulk - Warbound (Part 2)

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4 stars

Incredible Hulk #107 Review by (June 22, 2015)
This issue runs in parallel with World War Hulk #1-2. p1-7 with Amadeus Cho recruiting Angel and Hercules and buying the sub (and some pages of Hulk and friends on the way to Earth) is part of the prologue before WWH#1. Then p8-17.1 visiting Namor and watching the Hulk/Iron Man clash runs alongside WWH#1. p17.2-24 (and #108) belong to WWH#2. The visit with Namor happens while Hulk fights Black Bolt on the Moon and then issues his ultimatum to Manhattan. While Hulk fights Iron Man Cho contacts his stone ship to tell the Warbound the Green Giant has friends who want to help him, but Miek just shoots the flying sub down. While helping people on the ground they run across Tom the angry nephew of Bill Foster (Goliath) who was killed by Iron Man's forces in Civil War. And then the Hulk/Shellhead fight ends with Hulk's victory. The gang catch up with Hulk at the end of WWH#2. Namora is Sub-Mariner's cousin who featured in many Golden Age Timely mags. She was discovered apparently dead in SubM#50, the same issue which introduced her daughter Namorita (who later turned out to be her clone). Since then she's had some retconned adventures set before her 'death'. But she was discovered to be not dead in Agents of Atlas, who she joined before appearing here. We've seen Bill Foster's nephew Tom before in Black Panther (2005) #23 at Goliath's funeral. Then he told T'Challa that he intended to become a new Goliath. He will continue to appear during WWH and will fulfil his vow.


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Incredible Hulk #107 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Amadeus Cho tricks Hercules and Angel into helping him to help the Hulk. When a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship came to capture him, the boy genius caused it to fire missiles at him and the heroes who defended themselves by destroying the ship. Both heroes are now considered traitors and Angel's bank accounts have been locked... But Cho anticipated this so he had taken a considerable amount of money from Angel's account and used it in his plan to help the Hulk, including paying for the construction of an amphibious flying ship. Using that ship, the three visit Namor in Atlantis to ask for his help; he refuses but Namora joins them.

Back in Manhattan, the heroes help civilians during Iron Man and the Hulk's clash. Finally, Cho and Hercules meet with the Hulk offering their help, but the Hulk attacks them. After trading some heavy blows, Hercules calms the Hulk down and proves to him that they really come as friends.

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Gary Frank
John Sibal
Gary Frank (Cover Penciler)


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