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Incredible Hulk #53: Review

Jul 2003
Bruce Jones, Mike Deodato Jr.

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Enemy Mine

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #53 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
First, Agents S-2 and S-3 return to the base where the Abomination is kept locked, and explain him that he must go to a town called Entropy at 12:00 PM, where he'll find his wife, Nadia Blonsky, and Bruce Banner. He must deliver the Hulk, that's the deal. After that, the dart in his carotid will be removed to spear his life. Otherwise, they will activate the detonator, and end his life. Suddenly, Agent S-3 aims at S-2 since she had plans on her own. S-2 fights S-3, and the detonator is destroyed by accident. Also, they slam on a control panel, and the Abomination is released from his chains. The green monster slams the floor next to them, and walks out the base, free once more. S-2 and S-3 lie unconsciouss, seemingly dead. Meanwhile, the head of the Secret Conspiracy, in communication with Nadia through Banner's laptop, tells her to bring Banner to Entropy at 12:00 PM, where she will have the chance to kill her husband, the Abomination. Next morning, Nadia prepares breakfast for Bruce and drugs his coffee (once again, Bruce doesn't notice he's being drugged...). While chatting, Nadia reveals Bruce that her scars on the face are the result of her abusive husband, Emil Blonsky, now known as the Abomination. She came to the US to find him and avenge her painfull past. She also reveals Banner that she works for the Secret Conspiracy, who promissed her to deliver the Abomination in a silver platter, so she could kill him, in exchange of Banner, 'cuz they want the Hulk's blood. She tells Bruce about the drugs she used to keep him at her house, and not noticed her using his laptop to contact his supervisors. Bruce starts to feel the effect of the drug, and Nadia apologizes but feels it's better to leave Bruce out of it, safe from harm. Nadia deffinetely has feelings for Bruce, and Bruce as well, so she leaves her house to face and kill her husband. (What an irony, Bruce in love with the wife of his worst enemy, wow, what a great twist for our gamma spawned friend!) Bruce concentrates and uses the power of the Hulk to stay consciouss (as in Hulk Banner). Then, he sees the image of Betty coming out the sea, and guiding him to Nadia's old truck. Bruce drives towards Entropy. Nadia gets there first. Surrounded by all the destruction caused by the murderous Abomination, Nadia tells her husband that it is time for him to pay what he's done to her all along, and activates the detonator the Conspiracy gave her. But the detonator does not work. It was a set-up by the Conspiracy. The villain laughs out loud, and prepares to smash Nadia when the incredible Hulk shows up saying "Hey, Emil... Pick on someone your own size."

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.


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Nadia Dornova-Blonsky.

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