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Incredible Hulk #54: Review

Aug 2003
Bruce Jones, Mike Deodato Jr.

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Enemy Mine

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5 stars


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Incredible Hulk #54 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Abomination throws the first blow, and is able to get ahead on the battle against the Hulk. Hulk, meanwhile, is under Banner's control, still not reaching a great level of strength. But the score table reverts when Hulk sees the Abomination hitting Nadia. In one moment of the battle, Abomination hits the Hulk hard, who turns back into Banner. Banner stands up and hits the Abomination with the Hulk's might! Then, Abomination reminds the Hulk about how Betty died when he poisoned her. Banner almost looses control of the beast, and the Hulk easily defeats his nemesis. Finally, Hulk throws the Abomination through the helicopter driven by agents from the Secret Conspiracy, who were waiting for the right moment to shoot the dart and get the Hulk's blood. Sorry guys next time. Back in Nadia's place, Mrs.Blonsky kisses Banner good bye in a very passionate way. Bruce asks her what was that all about, and she explains that whatever happened between them both before, was not entirely for show. Nadia tells Bruce that she may move to New York, and Bruce says that maybe he'll see her over there. Meanwhile, Agent Baxter interchanges the DVD with Agent Kelly for a large amount of money. But as Baxter turns on the car keys, the vehicle blows up. A little reminder from the Conspirancy: don't you dare go against us. Agent Kelly sees the movie on the DVD and informs headquarters that the person on the DVD, who went through the face surgery, code named Mr.Blue, was really Agent S-3. They had a spy with them at all times! As this is happening, unaware of their findings, and badly hurt, Agent S-3 calls the Conspiracy for help from the army base where the Abomination had been kept. S-3 informs them that Agent S-2 was dead, and passes away. Agents from the Conspiracy arrive to the base and find S-3 laying dead on the floor. Before leaving, to assure the traitor's demise, one of them shoots her on the back. When the base succumbs to silence once more, a woman presumibly dead opens her eyes. It is Agent S-3 (!), who had interchanged her clothes with a female corpse that had a disfigured face.

Mike Deodato Jr.
Mike Deodato Jr.


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(Emil Blonsky)

Plus: Nadia Dornova-Blonsky.

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