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Incredible Hulk #56: Review

Oct 2003
Bruce Jones, Leandro Fernandez

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Hide In Plain Sight Part 2: Inside Out

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3 stars


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Incredible Hulk #56 Synopsis by Julio Molina-Muscara
Pamela Grayson pushes Bruce Banner to the Metro's railroads, so he changes to the Hulk to save his life. The Metro halts when it crashes against the Green Behemoth. Hulk turns back into Bruce, as people are running away. Pamela does not remember the incident, but she helps Bruce realize that somehow, the Absorbing Man is behind all of it. As they walk on the bridge, Bruce looses control and pushes her. Banner feels that someone is trying to control him, so he asks Pamela to get away. As Banner concentrates to get a hold of himself, a truck drives towards Pamela. Banner saves her by turning into the Hulk. But the Hulk is now under the control of the Absorbing Man. Previously, Dr. David Zhan shut the force field surrounding the Absorbing Man to be able to shoot him. But the villain controls his mind, and Zhan puts the gun on his head. Suddenly, a guard enters and witnesses everything. Zhan turns on the force field, and fatally wounds the guard. Other guards enter and take Zhan into custody. When Warden C.J.Johnson, in charge of the operation, is told of the incident, he orders Khan to be set free and asks everyone to leave. Johnson watches the video showing Khan shooting the guard. But he alters it so the movie shows Khan tripping, so he "accidentally" shot the guard. Johnson does the skillful multimedia trick controlled by the Absorbing Man.

Leandro Fernandez
Leandro Fernandez
Leandro Fernandez (Cover Penciler)

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